Over the summer so many people pick up gardening as their hobby, including myself. Not everyone can be blessed with a natural green thumb. Keeping a garden alive and healthy may not always be easy, but these tips will help it keep going all summer long.

Native plants
  • Growing plants that are native to the area you live at is the best. Those plants are used to the weather changes that happen and are strong enough to survive storms or the hot sun. Since they are used to their surroundings they help with the ecosystem and require less maintenance than a non-native plant.
Bug watch
  • Make sure that you are checking your plants out for any sign of harmful bugs. Check the leaves to see if any bugs have been chomping down on your homegrown plants. Bugs can end up bringing bacteria and viruses to your plants and end up doing serious damage.
Water properly
  • Plants need water to survive, just like humans. Do not forget and end up depriving your plants of water. When those rain showers come along, go ahead and sit your plants out so that they can catch some rain. Get it down first thing in the morning and your plants will be hydrated for the day.
  • If you have not started composting, now is the time. Your garden will fall head over hills in love with you. The materials used in the compost can create a rich, healthy soil for your plants.
There’s an app for that
  • Yes, there are many apps for gardening. If you are a beginner and want to make sure your garden survives in your home, then go look for a gardening app. Gardening Tool Kit is an app that gives you advice on your garden and helps you maintain it.

Gardening is a good summer hobby that relaxes you and is good for your health. Not everyone is a natural born plant lover, but these tips will help that garden survive a little bit longer on their own.

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