Let’s get down to the facts. There is a lot of information that goes along with recycling and some people have not even heard of some of these recycling facts. These are facts that come from Waste Management. Waste Management has tons of facts and information about recycling.

What Is Recyclable

Some items are recyclable and some are not. Let’s get these recycling facts straightened out. Then not everything can go into the recycling bin, but here are some items that can make into the recycle club. Recycle paper materials, cardboard, glass, aluminum, tins cans and plastic.

What Is Not Recyclable

Tossing everything into the recycling bin is not helpful. Know the difference and help the recycling factory out. Cutting that part out will help and filling you in on what cannot be recycled. The top ones are animal waste, chips and candy bags, napkins plastic food wrap and more that can be found on Waste Management’s site.

Recyclable Tips

Check out these tips about the things that are in the recycling club.

  • Aluminum: Crushing the cans can create more space for you to recycle. Rinsing them out will help with not attracting bugs.
  • Cardboard: Break down the boxes to save space and make sure all material is removed.
  • Glass: Rinse out the glasses and you do not have to remove the label. The recycling plant takes care of that for you.
  • Paper: Non-recyclable paper is tissue, waxed and carbon paper.
  • Plastic: Remove the plastic tops from the containers and make sure that they are rinsed out.
Green Waste

Trash and green waste are not the same things. Green waste is grass, woods, wood chips most things that you will find in nature. Trash is regular household waste. Don’t place rock, concrete dirt or any green waste in the trash bin.

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