Winter season is coming and it is time to prep that lawn. The winter weather can be harsh on a lawn and end up tearing up a lot of minerals. Winter season does not mean that you have to put the brakes on taking care of your lawn. These steps will prep the lawn and insure that it stays nice during the winter.

Clean It Up

Any debris that is lying around in the lawn needs to be cleaned up. Keep raking leaves and throwing them out. An easy trick is the rake the leaves on to a tarp and then you can dispose of them easily. Renting a roll off dumpster will help with cleaning up large branches, trees and other large, bulky items.

Use Aerate

Aerating a yard can go a long way when prepping your yard for winter season. This process of pulling up plugs of dirt allows for the grass’s roots to draw in more oxygen. A helpful tip is to over seed and overwater your lawn in order to give the new grass a good start.

Fertilize That Lawn

You do not have to only fertilize in the spring or summer. Fertilizing your lawn in the wintertime can ensure that your grass will be nice and lush for the upcoming summer.

Maintain A Compost

Keeping that compost going during fall and into winter will make great compost for the springtime. Just because winter is around the corner does not mean you have to stop composting. Adding leaves will be the “brown” that composts require.

Know When To Mow

Do not stop mowing during winter season. You should mow the lawn around every 10 to 14 days. Mowing it just enough times will make sure that the grass is at a healthy length. Do not over mow, because then it will make the grass too short and not last the winter.

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