There are some things that are commonly forgotten when you clean. Fitting these little things into your cleaning routine can make your home a much cleaner place. The best part is that these places are quick and easy cleans. Start adding these areas into your weekly or monthly cleaning schedule.

Ceiling Fans

It is easy to forget about cleaning ceiling fans, especially if they are up on high ceilings. Most of the time you know it is time to clean those fans when the dust starts falling off. Take a wet rag and wipe down each blade. Make sure to fit this step into your weekly cleaning routine.


Think about how many times you have touched the handles around your house. Now think about how many different people have touched those same handles. It is time to start wiping those items down as well. Taking a disinfectant wipe and rub them until they are spotless.

Air Vents

Dust and dirt can easily build up in air vents. That does not allow for the best circulation. An easy way to clean these vents is with a butter knife and towel. Stick the towel over the knife and go between the vents. That is one simple quick clean.


This is another spot that dust loves to come and pile up. You can use a cloth and wipe down each blind. It can be easily overlooked, but blinds do need some attention. Try to squeeze them in to your weekly clean, if not your monthly wipe down.

Trash cans

That putrid smell that came from the trash can still linger behind in the trashcan. Giving the trashcan a good spray down. Cleaning out your trashcan is necessary when that trash smell does not leave with the trash. Once a month should be enough attention required from your trashcan.

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