This is for the people that have killed every single plant that has come into their lives. These plants are so low maintenance; you will have to put in actual effort in order for them to die. Indoor plants bring life into any room they are in. Indoor plants are the nature people who hate indoors need in their lives. These plants will be able to keep you company and purify the air in your home.

Snake Plants

Snake plants can live for years! They only require some water once or twice a week and a little bit of low lighting. Snake plants have a yellow border around their leaves. They are also known as Sansevieri. Snake plants can be a good accent in a living room.


Not only is aloe a nice, low maintenance plants, but you can also cut the leaves and use the juice inside for all sorts of home remedies. Aloe does require some indirect sunlight. Make sure not to overwater this plant. Pots that have drainage holes on the bottom is recommend for this indoor plant.


Ivy is a beautiful plant to have indoors. Hanging pots would go best with this particular plants, because it does love to grow and stretch its leaves out. Hanging plants are new and different to have indoors. Do not be scared of ivy. This low maintenance plant will require a little bit of sunlight and of course, some water.


Jade plants are seen as a symbol for good luck. The upkeep for this indoor plant is simple and easy. They require the basic sun and water. You can accent you home with jade plants and they can be your close pal resting next to you on your bedside table.

Fig leaf tree

This tall plant is the perfect piece for your home interior. These plants can live for years and are quite pretty to look at. These indoor plants are like a tree for your home. They do grow quite tall, but they are quickly the new plant inside many homes.

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