Think about how many napkins or paper towels you use a day. If that amount is starting to overflow in your head then follow these easy paperless tips. Having a paperless kitchen might sound difficult, but it really is not. A paperless kitchen is a great way to help the planet and it can save you some money from constantly buying napkins and paper towels.


Cloths are the new napkins. Stock up on these bad boys and say good-bye to the paper. Cloths are key to any paperless kitchen. The best part is that they can come in cool and funky patterns or colors.

Keep them on hand

Keep those cloths within your eyesight at all times. The reason people use paper products so much, is because they are always out in the open. They are the first things you see, so they are the first things you reach for.


You can use different types of clothes for different tasks. Create some categories for your cloths and then you will always know which ones to use. Each cloth is intended for a different function. In the end, you can create a cleaning game with each category and make add a touch of fun to the process.

Bar Towels

Bar towels are great cleaners when it comes to dirty counter tops or stovetops. Hang these bar towels on your oven handle and you will find yourself constantly reaching for this thing. Bar towels are like bigger versions of cloths and can have some cool designs.

Creating a paperless kitchen may seem like a challenge, but it is not impossible to accomplish. Cloths and bar towels are going to be the best helpers in accomplishing a paperless kitchen goal. Getting creative with categories and making cloths accessible will make paper a thing of the past.

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