October is here and it is time for some pumpkin cheer! You do not need to always carve a design to decorate a pumpkin. There are plenty of other ways to make your pumpkins shine. These DIY no carve projects are great for family time. The best part is that there is a lot less of a mess than carving a pumpkin. These pumpkin carvings are going to make you stand out.


Paint is always a great alternative to carving out a pumpkin. You can put any pattern, shapes or design your haunted Halloween desires. The color possibilities are endless. Polka dots, chevron or even handprints can be decorating those pumpkins.

Glow in the dark

There is nothing better than a glow in the dark pumpkin during Halloween time. You can paint the face of the pumpkin, turn the lights off and watch his smile light up the room. These cute creations are good night light for anyone’s room.


The little princess in your household are going to love these jeweled pumpkin projects. You can use any jewels that fit your pumpkin best and hot glue them down. They can swirl into a pattern or create the perfect princess pumpkin. Combine the paint and bedazzling projects together and see the magic come to life.


You can turn those pumpkins into some furry forest animals. Turn it into an owl or a fox with some buttons, fabric or plastic plates lying around the home. These funny little creatures will bring some fall into your home.


What is better than some Halloween puns? Halloween puns that are written on pumpkins and set out for everyone to read. I’m here for the boos, witch better have my candy, or creep it real are just a few Halloween puns you can paint onto your pumpkins.




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