Do you want to renovate your kitchen? You don’t really know how to go about it? Don’t panic; we will give you all the necessary advice to easily renovate this room!

Why renovate your kitchen?

Renovation is always something that takes time. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the different reasons that could push you to renovate it. Here is a list of the advantages of renovating a kitchen:

•You will be able to change the atmosphere of your kitchen completely. Indeed, if you have an old kitchen, you can easily give it a little youthfulness, which is not negligible. Note also that renovation of the kitchen can also concern the floor, the wall, and the different furniture, for example.
•The renovation of a kitchen also allows you to increase the value of your property. Indeed, when you redo the latter, it will be easier for you to sell your home at a better price. Why do you want to do this? Simply because the kitchen will give more cachet to the house, which is not negligible.
•A kitchen is really an important place. Indeed, you will spend your mornings, your midday, and your evenings there. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for a more modern kitchen if you want to feel better in it. Indeed, if you change the furniture and the floor and the walls, you will be able to feel even better in it, which is a rather positive point.

Of course, everyone is free to renovate or not his kitchen. But you have to admit that you can really feel better in a brand new kitchen: especially if you are used to seeing yours throughout the day.

The different steps to take to renovate your kitchen.

Do you really want to renovate your kitchen? But you don’t really know how to go about it? Don’t panic; we are going to present you the different steps so that you can understand everything:

•First of all, you will have to define your needs and desires. You simply have to answer the question, “why do I want to renovate my kitchen? “. You don’t necessarily need a precise answer, but it is still important to put forward clear objectives before proceeding with your kitchen renovation. Note also that you will have to think about the different elements that make you dream: rather an open or closed kitchen, for example.
•You must then make a kitchen plan. Indeed, you can do it via software, but the easiest way is still to call a kitchen designer. He will be able to give you advice on how to design a perfect kitchen. However, it would help if you also told him what you want: this is a critical point. Don’t forget that the renovation of your kitchen is your project and not the one of your kitchen designers.
•You must have a clearly defined budget. Indeed, the kitchen designer will not have to exceed this budget: we also advise you to reduce this last one so that the kitchen designer avoids creating you a kitchen that does not look like you. Nevertheless, it is imperative to know how much you want to put for your kitchen in your head.

As you can see, renovating a kitchen is not necessarily the most complicated thing. Indeed, once you have an idea of what you want, all you have to do is take action. But, of course, your kitchen must still fit into your budget: this is a non-negotiable point.

How to optimize your kitchen space after a renovation?

Having a designer kitchen is great! But it must also be practical! Indeed, we are going to give you some advice so that you can easily optimize the space of your kitchen:

•Hang cupboards on top, and also have cupboards at the bottom. Indeed, it is important to be able to store all your utensils, but also the food that you might have and that it is not possible to put in a fridge.
•Put shelves for cookbooks if you have them. This will prevent them from taking up unnecessary space in your library, for example.
•Opt for corner storage units: these rather practical ones allow you to store other utensils like cups or glasses, for example.
•Make the most of the space you have available. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to choose wall-mounted units to hold boards or other handy utensils.
•Don’t forget to put a light under the grinders in your kitchen. This will allow you to see what you are cooking when it is dark in your home.

As you can see, there are many tricks to optimize the storage of your kitchen. It is imperative to take these into account so that you can have a kitchen to your liking but also very functional.

Choosing the right floor for your kitchen.

Renovating a kitchen obviously involves refinishing the floor. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to know what you want for your kitchen. Therefore, we will give you some advice so that you can choose your kitchen floor in the best way.


This is a must for the kitchen. Tile really allows you to have a perfect covering since it can be washed rather easily. Note also that it is perfectly possible to find large tiles with colors rather trendy at present, which is not negligible. All you have to do is make your choice if you want a trendy floor!

Porcelain stoneware

It really looks like tile, but it is not. Indeed, it is a floor covering that is made from clay and mineral components. It is also a floor covering that is often found in modern kitchens. Moreover, it is quite practical to have this type of flooring in a kitchen.

PVC flooring

If there is a floor covering that is perfectly suited to kitchens, it is PVC flooring. Indeed, it is perfectly able to withstand the various shocks, but also the possible splashes that there could be. It can be washed rather easily, which is an additional advantage.

Waxed concrete

Waxed concrete is also a very fashionable floor covering these days. And for a good reason, it is perfectly possible to find it within the different rooms of your homes. With its plain color, it will blend perfectly in your kitchen, which is an added advantage.

Have a wall covering perfectly suited to your kitchen

Although the floor is important, you should not forget to redo the wall covering your kitchen in the case of a renovation. Here are some ideas that will perfectly suit your needs and desires.

Tiles or earthenware

Tiles and earthenware are products that are perfectly adapted to the kitchen. Indeed, easy to wash, they are not afraid of possible splashes that may occur. Moreover, it is the perfect coating for wet rooms like the kitchen.

Wooden paneling or PVC

If you want to have a rather original kitchen, we can perfectly advise you to opt for a wall in wood paneling or PVC. They can be perfectly suitable for a humid room: they will be perfect in your kitchen.

Adhesive or vinyl wallpaper

The last type of wall covering for the kitchen that we can tell you about is simply adhesive or vinyl wallpaper. This way, you can easily have original and nice walls for your kitchen.

What budget should you budget for your kitchen renovation?

When you redo your kitchen, it is imperative to know everything that you will change. Indeed, the price and, therefore your budget will depend on different elements:

•The type of flooring you will put in your kitchen.
•The type of wall covering you will choose.
•The different furniture in your kitchen.
•The fact that you choose a kitchen equipped with appliances or without them can also vary the price of your kitchen.
•The range of the kitchen you choose can also increase or decrease the price.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to renovate your kitchen and make it look like you. Nevertheless, many elements must be taken into account.

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