Electricity can take a huge chunk out of anyone’s paycheck. No one really likes receiving high electricity bills either.  It is time to say good bye to those high electricity bills. These tips are going to lower that dollar sign and save you more money, instead of spending more money.

Install Ceiling Fans

The AC and heater can be the number one source when it comes to high costs on your electricity bill. Installing ceiling fans can help with the flow of circulation throughout a home. The best part is this reduces the amount of electricity is needed to cool down an entire house.

Wash Full Loads

Doing the laundry 4 times in one week is not the most energy efficient thing to do. Instead of washing clothes sporadically throughout the week, you should designate a certain day for doing the laundry. Washing full loads can decrease the use of water and the constant use of electricity.

LED Lighting

Switch out your incandescent lightbulbs for LED light bulbs. LED lights use 90 percent less energy than incandescent lights use. It only takes a few seconds to switch out these old lightbulbs for LED bulbs and save yourself some electricity and money.

Dishwasher Efficiency

There is a method to the dishwasher’s madness. Loading a dishwasher efficiently can reduce the number of loads you might have to accomplish that day. The dishwasher is made to clean large amounts of dishes at once. Do not be afraid to pile stuff in but pile it in an efficient way.

Clean Vents

Keep vents open and always clean. Open vents help with the flow of circulation in a home. Replace the home’s air filters, too. Replace the filters at least once a month in order to make sure the vents are clean. They attract dirt and dust and you do not want that spreading throughout the home.

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