The summer heat wave has arrived and it is time to figure out how to stay cool this summertime. Do not have an AC available? Well these tips on staying cool will make needing an AC obsolete. Summer time does not have to be you becoming a puddle of sweat. These cooling off tips are easy and can make the summer more enjoyable. Check out these cooling off tips for the summer time!

Create Shade

The sun is the source of the heat, so keeping that sun out of sight means keeping the heat away. Keep those blinds closed! Create some shade inside the home by closing the curtains and keeping the sunlight out of reach. You can even invest in black out shades to ensure the sun stays out.

Nighttime Air

During summer nights, the temperature drops and the air starts to cool down. Open up the doors and windows and let the summer’s cool night inside the home. This will help cool down the home. It is also a nice temperature to enjoy some outdoors time this summer.

Grill Time

Summer time is the perfect time to grill more. Cooking inside the home creates more heat in the home which is not ideal in this heat. It is time to go outside and dust off that old grill. Nothing brings people together better than a grill out. Bonus, almost everything can be grilled!

Outside Greens

Shrubs can be a great way to create some shade outside the home. Tall shrubs can be used to shade the home and make it naturally cooler. Trees are a great addition to any yard to create some natural shade. These natural shaders can cool off sidewalks and driveways and help feet not get burnt.




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