Congratulations on being a new homeowner! Buying your first home is a major accomplishment and an even bigger responsibility. If you make these common mistakes, then you’ll be on a straight road to costly repairs in the future.

Remember that your home is an investment, which means you need to protect it and let it grow. If you were anything like me when I bought my first home, then you’re doing all the research you can to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Read this article. Don’t make these mistakes. And enjoy your home for as long as you live in it.

1. Neglecting Pool Maintenance

Most homeowners know swimming pools require routine maintenance, but most homeowners don’t know that neglecting regular maintenance can cause structural and equipment damage.

Since taking care of a pool requires a regular time commitment and a little research in the best pool maintenance practices, it often goes neglected.

If you don’t think you can commit to taking care of your pool, don’t worry. You could always hire a weekly pool service at an affordable price. Paying a small sum every week to avoid costly repairs in the future is a worthwhile investment.

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t be afraid to hire professional help to assist in home maintenance and home improvement projects. This brings me to the next common mistake new homeowners make.

2. Not Hiring Professional Help for Big Tasks

I understand more than anyone else the desire to make repairs and improvements on your own. I actually encourage you to learn how you can maintain your home on your own. But some jobs are best left to the professionals. 

The question you might be asking is, how do I decide what jobs are too big for me to do alone? It’s simple. Consider the cost and level of danger. Electrical work, plumbing, and repairing structural damage are dangerous and require highly specialized tools.

Depending on how much you know about making repairs and doing them safely, you should be able to judge whether you need a professional’s help. But you can’t just hire the cheapest contractors you find.

3. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor

It’s not hard to see why most new homeowners might want to hire the cheapest contractor they can find. Everyone knows a story about a contractor overcharging for their services and leaving a homeowner in a tough spot. So, we find the cheapest contractor and say, “Finally! A fair price.”

But choosing the cheapest contractor without doing the proper research like checking references, insurance coverage, and past work examples won’t lead to good results. Consider how much money you save by hiring a contractor that produces lasting and quality work.

Hiring the cheapest contractor is an easy way to find yourself in one of those contractor horror stories. Of course, affordability should always be a factor. That’s why you shouldn’t buy a home you can’t afford to work on.

4. Buying a Home You Can’t Afford

It’s easy to buy a house you can’t afford. For those looking to upgrade their standard of living with a bigger home and all the amenities, it can be challenging to predict the cost of routine maintenance and potential repairs. 

Before buying a home, please do your best to research the practical details of how much it costs to live there. The more amenities your home has and the bigger it is, the more you will likely have to pay.

You need to know things like how much water you need to maintain your yard, the electricity you’ll use for heating and cooling, and how many potential repairs may cost. The last thing you want to do is buy a home you can’t take care of.

5. Not Doing Regular Yard Maintenance

There are so many reasons why you should maintain your yard. Healthy grass can help with soaking excess water, decreasing excess mud, and even reducing noise pollution. Homes with well cared for yards also benefit from a substantial boost in property value.

Depending on your yard size, yard care can either be an afterthought or a full-time job. If your yard requires too much time, consider using low-maintenance alternatives. Consider paving your yard and adding an outdoor living area like a lounge or a kitchen. You could also replace your lawn with artificial grass and gravel.

If you plan on remodeling your yard for low-maintenance alternatives, try renting a residential dumpster for easy cleanup. All you have to do is fill it up.

6. Failing to Become Familiar with HOA Rules

Your home more than likely falls under the jurisdiction of a homeowners association or HOA. Depending on your specific jurisdiction, your HOA may have regulations on almost every aspect of your home.

Some regulations include occupancy limits, noise restrictions, pet restrictions, maintenance standards, and the list goes on. This makes it crucial that you take the time to understand all the regulations that apply to you as a new homeowner.

Failing to follow HOA rules can make a living in your home a nightmare. You could be hit with fines, violations, and in extreme cases, they can put a lien on your home. As long as you pay your fees and follow the rules, you’ll be fine.

7. Not Buying Insurance

Buying home insurance with good coverage is a must. Most loans even require that you have insurance to protect your investment. You never know what might happen, and you don’t want to be in a bad situation without insurance.

It’s also a good idea to research the weather in your local area. For example, you may want to consider flood insurance if your area experiences the brunt of hurricanes. Knowing that you’re covered can give you peace of mind in the worst-case scenarios.

Don’t take a chance on one of the most important investments of your life—it’s not worth the risk. Find a policy that’s affordable and fits your needs, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Learn More About Home Maintenance

As a new homeowner, you should be learning as much as you can about your new responsibilities and the ways you improve your home. Follow Bargain Dumpster for the latest on home improvement, creative remodeling ideas, and the newest trends.


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