Based on the search results, here are the key points about costs associated with appliance recycling:

1. Professional junk removal services typically charge $75-$130 for pickup and disposal of a single household appliance.

2. Best Buy offers appliance haul-away services:
– $59.99 to haul away an old appliance when delivering a replacement product.
– $199.99 for standalone haul-away of up to 2 large appliances and unlimited smaller items, without a purchase.

3. Some retailers like Best Buy recycle certain electronics and appliances for free, while others charge a fee (e.g. $29.99 per item for some products).

4. Local waste management facilities or landfills may charge recycling fees. For example, Metro Park East Landfill and Metro Park West Landfill charge a $15 recycling fee for appliance disposal.

5. Curbside pickup services may require purchasing stickers or tags. One example mentioned needing 7 large item stickers for appliance pickup.

6. Some utility companies or local programs may offer free or subsidized appliance recycling, especially for refrigerators, freezers, and cooling equipment.

7. Costs can vary widely depending on location, type of appliance, and disposal method. According to one source, appliance removal prices can range from $80 to $625.

8. Additional costs may be incurred for disconnecting appliances safely, such as hiring an electrician ($50-$100/hour) or plumber ($60-$140/hour).

The most cost-effective option depends on your specific situation and the local services. It’s worth comparing options with local waste management, retailers, and recycling programs.

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