No, this post is not about all of the greenest places you can travel or the best green outfits to wear while traveling. This post is about how to be green while traveling. Traveling can sometimes make it a little more difficult when it comes to recycling and making the greener choices. Here are some green tips to help maintain that green living while you are away and traveling.

Green Transportation

When you are exploring the new places you are in think of a greener way to travel when you are there. Bikes are a great alternative when you are traveling abroad. Bikes can get you around almost anywhere and they make sightseeing easier. A great way to get your steps in while on vacation is walking around. Walking is exercise and a green alternative to driving a car. These are great ways for traveling green.

Ask About Recycling

Staying at a hotel? Then ask them about their recycling policy. Most hotels should have recycling available. If that is not the case, then plane ahead. Bring some trash bags with you and separate your trash from recycling. In the end you can recycle everything on your own and feel better about the greener choices you have made.

Local, Local, Local

Stay local when you are traveling abroad. Most placed get their money from tourism, so think local when traveling abroad. Ask the hotel where the best local restaurants to dine are at and where the best local markets there are when it comes to shopping. Supporting the local farmers and workers is always the better and greener choice when traveling abroad.

Reusable Bottle

Bring your own water bottle abroad instead of using plastic water bottles. Some hotels supply their own watering stations and are supportive of reusable water bottles over using plastic ones. Reusable bottles are the greener choice when it comes to traveling green.

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