The Benefits of a Dumpster Rental

Home renovations, spring cleaning, and major cleanliness overhauls. What is the one thing they all have in common?

Junk. Lots and lots of junk.

Taking on any DIY project in your home has the potential to produce some serious amounts of waste. Rather than pile it all in your garage until trash day, wouldn’t you rather have your junk hauled away for you? At a time that’s convenient for you?

If this sounds good to you, residential dumpster rentals may be just the thing to fulfill your decluttering dreams. Here’s why.

Wild, Wild, Waste

Whether you’re cleaning out your home, starting a significant project, or simply doing an organization overhaul, a dumpster will serve you well. It can be easy to forget or anticipate just how much waste you’ll need to haul away, and you may not even know what kind of debris you’ll be throwing out.

No worries, a dumpster can handle it all. Rather than stressing about arrangements to dispose of that old couch, throw it in the dumpster and move on! Do you have lots of construction waste with sharp nails, screws, and splinters sticking out? No problem! A dumpster can whisk it all away for you. Some dumpster rental companies can even provide assistance with hazardous waste disposal if the going gets tough during your project.

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Your collection of smaller waste containers can quickly multiply and get in the way during your project. It’s also inefficient (and dangerous!) to just create piles of waste outside, even if they’re near the curb. What good is it to move the waste into a different spot, then have to move it again to dispose of it properly?

Having a dumpster on-site eliminates all of these problems and then some. It provides a designated easy-to-identify place for anyone working with you to discard the waste materials. It keeps all the waste in one location, rather than it being scattered throughout different containers that you’ll have to haul away yourself. When your project is finished, or the dumpster is full, all the waste is hauled away in one fell swoop – easy and efficient! The photo below can be avoided!

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Safety First

Exposed piles of trash and other waste can pose a serious risk to you, your family, and anyone else working with you on your project. The buildup of debris can cause tripping accidents, sickness (depending on the nature of the waste), or accidental wounds. None of which should ever happen on any project site!

By renting a dumpster, you eliminate a vast majority of the risk for these accidents to happen. Sharp trash items such as metal or exposed screws are kept safely away from you and your crew. Piles are kept contained and off the ground to eliminate the risk of tripping. And no one is at risk of touching hazardous waste because it is kept safely away from the project site. If nothing else, the assurance of safety is well worth the investment in a rental dumpster.

Establish a Schedule

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “Oh, I’ll finish this later,especially when it comes to spring cleaning or reorganizing! We’ve all been there. It’s easy to convince ourselves to take a “break” that lasts months on end, and we never actually finish the project.

Dumpster rentals essentially force you to stay on task and see your project through. You don’t have the luxury of taking months to complete your project, while the dumpster sits idle in the driveway. Well, you could, but the cost would add up over time.

Point being, renting a dumpster requires you to commit to a timeline. Most companies will arrange a specific drop-off and pickup time (which can be adjusted, if need be), and this will help establish a deadline in your mind.

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Money Matters

Renting a dumpster sounds easy, efficient, and safer than traditional waste removal. So it’s got to be incredibly expensive to have a whole dumpster full of trash hauled away for you, right?

Not exactly.

Cost is a huge motivating factor for any project, but especially if you are taking on a DIY cleaning project or home renovation. Luckily, residential dumpster rentals will not blow your budget. The cost may depend upon how much of the dumpster space you fill with waste, but the average cost is around $250 – $300. To me, that just sounds like another trip to Target!

Dumpster rentals are affordable, and, honestly, they’re worth every penny!
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DIY From Start to Finish

There are full-service junk removal services that could clear out your waste for you instead of utilizing a dumpster rental. However, this can lead to a lot of confusion if you don’t have your waste sorted just so. It may be hard to coordinate all of the workers at once, making sure they take the right piles!

With a dumpster rental, you have the convenience of a low-pressure experience. You get to take your time sorting out the piles of junk. You get to decide when and how quickly you remove the waste from your house or project site, and you maintain full control of what goes and what stays. There’s a far less chance of mistakenly throwing out your “Keep” piles!

Two is Better than One

As we mentioned earlier, it can be hard to estimate just how much space you’ll need or what size dumpster to get. With traditional waste removal services, you would have to wait for trash day to come around before putting dozens of trash containers by the curb, and even then, there’s no guarantee the trash collectors will be able to take them all. With a dumpster rental, you’re sure to get rid of all your waste – even if it means getting a second one.

So, if your project is producing more waste than you thought it would (or more than you thought was possible), just give your dumpster rental company a call! Most of them will be happy to swap out your full dumpster for a new one before the final pick-up time.

Do you want to take advantage of a residential dumpster rental, but aren’t sure where to start? Bargain Dumpsters is a nationwide dumpster rental service that makes it easy, and affordable. Their friendly staff can help you determine what size dumpster and what kind of dumpster will best suit your project needs. Give them a call at 1-8008562896 for a free quote!

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