Summer is a great time to have some outdoor projects going on. DIY summer projects are even better. Looking for something to spice up your back yard or build your own garden? We have some of the best projects just for those reasons.

Outdoor firewood racks
  • Summer is the time for outdoor fires and s’mores time with the family. Having firewood lying over the backyard is not the most appealing thing to have. Ana White has the perfect and cute way to create a fire rack. This firewood rack is the easiest thing to have for your summer back yard.
 Garden Pallet
  • No garden? No problem! There is an easy solution to have a garden and that is a wooden pallet. Fill it up with soil underneath. Then slide your plants of choice into the pallets. Sprinkle water on top and you has your own functioning garden.
 Rope covered tires
  • Cute sitting for your back yard can become an easy DIY project. Recycle your old tires and grab some rope and a glue gun. Glue the rope around the tire and cover it completely. You can check out 1001 Gardens for their DIY instructions.
 Bird feeder
  • There is no need to go and buy a bird feeder ever again. Get an old glass bottle and fill that up with bird feed. Elizabeth Joan Designs has a perfect DIY bird feeder that anyone can build. Find your inner builder and attract all the bird to your beautiful summer yard.
 Monogram planter
  • A monogram planter is a great thing to have to add color to any home. Remodelaholic has a great DIY for this exact summer project. You can fill up any one of your monograms with your choice of flowers. Watch them bloom and have a flower garden in a letter.

Getting into some summer projects is a good way to relieve stress. It can also be a family bonding moment. DIY summer projects are something to do to get out of the house and enjoy the sun on your skin. These projects can give you the best backyard in the entire neighborhood.




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