It is time to finally tackle that monster called your garage. Stop randomly throwing things in there and finally get to organize it. Go and tame that best! There are some tips that can make this challenge a little easier on you. In the end, you can finally step more than one foot, or maybe a whole car, into your garage.

Hang Things Up

Hanging your tools and other small accessories on a wall. You can use slat wall or a pegboard. This will allow for there to be a lot of extra space left open and you will stop tripping over things. Hanging things up helps you organize and finally know where everything is.

Outline, Outline, Outline

Outlining where things go is a genius idea. Order is what you need when finding new homes for the things in the garage. When everything has a proper place, then it is easier to keep things organized.


Installing some old school lockers is a great idea for the kids. They are able to have their own personal space and they know where to put all of their things. There is no excuse for them to just throw their helmet around anymore. They can decorate the lockers to make it all their own.

Store Bikes Vertically

Hanging your bikes up on a vertical bike rake gives you a lot more space to work with. Bicycles are big and can take up a lot of space in a garage. Storing them on a vertical rake open up the garage and gives them an official home.

Foldable Worktable

If you are a person that finds them selves constantly doing projects in the garage, then a foldable worktable is perfect for you. Sometimes space can be an issue in a garage. A foldable table is able to conserve space. Once you are done working on your project, fold that table up and do not worry about space.



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