It’s a Great Year for Motivation

2024 is the perfect time to seek opportunities and work towards your goals. With the new year comes a new beginning to your journey towards achieving anything you set out to do. 

Most people fail at keeping their New Year’s resolutions before achieving their goals. But that doesn’t include you because I’m going to share 6 straightforward steps to achieve anything you set your mind to this year.

1. Visualize Your Goal

This is the most important step for staying motivated and tracking your progress. All you need to do is write out exactly what you want to achieve this year on a piece of paper or your smartphone and keep it handy.

Having a constant reminder of your goal and knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help focus all your efforts towards that end. Think of your efforts like a water pitcher and your goal as the cup. If you don’t know where your cup is, you won’t get very much water inside of it.

When you know where your cup is, how big it is, and how much you need to pour, you’ll be on the fast track towards achieving what you set out to do.

2. Make it Real

Now that you know what you want to do, you need to plan out how you will do it. You don’t need to know every single detail of what it is you’ll need to do. If it’s something you don’t know how to do, then you’ll learn how to do it.

If there is something you didn’t see coming, and there will be, you will adapt and thrive regardless of those circumstances. Planning is an essential part of anticipating what’s to come and visualizing your path there.

Once you have a plan, your goal becomes real. You can see the path you need to take to reach it, and you know that it is no longer a dream. It is a reality. All you need to do is follow through.

3. Savor the Little Wins

Tracking your progress should be a fun and rewarding experience, as well as a way to gauge how far you need to go. As you keep track of your progress, you can use the smaller victories to fuel yourself to the bigger ones.

If your New Year resolves to lose 20 lbs, savor each pound as a victory. If your goal is to read more, savor every page you read as a victory. As you do this, you will help confirm your belief that what you want to do is possible, and it will put you that much closer to achieving what you want.

The road to achieving our goals isn’t always straightforward, of course. There will be bumps in the road, and some days will seem harder than others. To stay motivated, you need to focus on victories rather than losses.

4. Remember That You Are Steering The Wheel

This is probably the most challenging step towards achieving your New Year’s goals. It means you have to acknowledge that you are steering the wheel and are in full control of where you are headed. This means taking responsibility for both the good and the bad.

Many of us are thrown off course for one reason or another and then claim the cards are stacked against us. When this is your thinking, the cards are stacked against you because you are defeating yourself without even knowing it.

When you take responsibility, you will realize that the possibilities of what you can do are endless. Since you are in control, all you have to do is choose what you want and take it yourself. The cards aren’t stacked against you. You are shuffling the deck.

5. Practice Positive Affirmations

The key to staying motivated is practicing positive thinking. The way you think has a dramatic impact on how you behave and what you have the will to do. Positive affirmations are just one of many techniques that help you obtain a positive mindset.

What is a positive affirmation? It’s something you repeat in your mind or out loud that is supposed to make you feel better and set you on the track toward an optimistic mindset. ThinkUpp is a convenient app that can help you effortlessly practice your affirmations.

To use the app, record the affirmations using your voice, then play them back with any music of your choice. You can keep track of how often you practice your affirmations and customize what you want to repeat.

6. Answer the Why to Your What

This is more complicated than it sounds, and finding out why you want to achieve the goal you outlined may completely change after this step when we ask why we are digging deeper into what drives us.

Follow me for this example. Your goal may be to make more money this year. When you answer why you would want money, you might say who wouldn’t want money. But, maybe you want the money to buy your dream home. If this is your goal, then it’s not the money you want.

If it’s a house you want, then the house should be your goal. Once you’ve answered why you want something, you can define what it is and how you plan on getting it. Everyone needs a way to the things they are working towards. Otherwise, it would feel pointless, and you wouldn’t stay motivated long enough to achieve what you set out to do this year.

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