Leaks can happen anywhere in a home and they can be quite bothersome. Detecting where a leak is coming from can be difficult, but there are always clues that can lead you to the culprit. There are some steps to follow before trying to just repair the leak all on your own. First, you need to detect where the leak in coming from and then you can go on the leaky adventure.

Locate the Source

First, you will need to detect where exactly the leaking in coming from. Turn off all the water in your home. Next, go and check the water meter and see if the leak indicator is moving. If there is a leak, then it should be moving. Then, you have to determine where exactly the leak is located. The leak indicator will help you know where the leak is coming from inside or outside the home.

Common Leaks

Usually leaks come from faucets, toilets or water valves. These should be the first things you go ahead and check for leaks. A leaky faucet usually means that the washer is worn out. The washer in located under the sink and you might need a handy man to come in and check out the problem. Toilets usually need a simple flapper replacement in the tank. Water valves can be leaking from a toilet or another water source inside the home.

Outside Leaks

Sometimes leaks can come from outside the home. A common way to tell if you have an outdoors leak is to check your yard. If it is wet on a non-rainy day then you may have a problem. It might have something to do with the irrigation system. Turn the irrigation off and see if the leak meter is moving or not. If it is moving, then call a plumber.


Leaks can be a hassle, but here is an easy way to repair some common home leaks on your own.

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