Green is obviously one of the two primary colors of this holiday season. Make the color green not just a decoration around your house, but apart of how you do the holidays. This time of year can really burn some fuel and a cost of lot, so here are some tips to recycle and green up your holidays this year. Here are some cheerful tips!

LED Lights

LED lights consume 80% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than those incandescent holiday lights. LED lights are the smarter, greener choice and can really help out. If you are one of those all out light decorators then make the greener choice of decorating with LED lights instead of those incandescent lights that suck tons of energy.

Recycle Old Gift Bags

Do not throw away those gift bags you get from others at the holidays. Save them for next year and you will be saving a couple of bucks. Gift bags can be expensive, so recycle and reduce the cost you have to spend this holiday season.

Reduce Food Waste

Holiday season means tons and tons of homemade food from the family, but that increases the amount of food waste this time of year. Plan ahead of time. Make sure that you get a good solid head count of everyone coming and try to prepare the food around that. Try not to overcook so much, because it could just be all wasted.


Many people have to travel to different places. This is the perfect time for road trips. Take advantage of some family time and all ride together. Plenty of shoppers are out and about trying to find the best gifts, so take some friends and carpool to the mall together.

DIY Time

Holidays make for the perfect DIY gifts and activities. Instead of just buying stuff for people, you can create gifts that they will actually use. Pack some cake mix in a cute mason jar. You can even make you own decorations or wrapping paper from old wrapping paper or newspaper.

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