It is finally 2018 and that means that it is time to take down the Christmas decorations. The biggest thing to take down is that Christmas tree. There are several different ways to dispose of a Christmas tree. Choosing the right way to dispose of your Christmas tree is easy. Here are the top ways to properly dispose of a Christmas tree.

Tree Recycling

Remove those ornaments and lights and then add that tree to the recycling club. Many places have a tree recycling area that can chip up a tree and recycle it. This is a simple and quick way to dispose of a Christmas tree for anyone that is busy with work and life. Tree recycling is really common and many people choose this way to dispose of a tree.

Craft It

Instead of just throwing that Christmas tree out, you can reuse pieces of it and have a piece of Christmas around all year long. You can cut small discs from the tree stump and use them as drink coasters. If the branches are still good, you can cut some of them and create a nice center piece for the table.

Fish Friends

A cool way to dispose of a Christmas tree is to donate it to your local pond or lake for the fishes. Some places will drill a hole in the bottom of the tree and let it sink into the water for the fishes. This creates a nice little feeding or new home area for the fishes to live and create their families.


Here is another fun way to recycle a Christmas tree. If you need firewood for a fireplace then a Christmas tree is perfect for this. Cut that tree up and use it for the fire place. It may be a couple of months before the logs are ready to be used.

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