A bottle garden is a small and easy to maintain garden anyone can create. You can choose any bottle of your liking. It can be recycles from an old plastic bottle, a mason jar, or a bottle with an interesting shape. Bottle gardens are nice to have if you live in an urban area and need some plants life around or just to decorate your home with.

What you will need:
  • Bottle
  • Plant selection
  • Drainage material (pebbles and charcoal)
  • Potting soil
  • Mini scoop or spoon
  • Plastic funnel or tube
Laying down the base

Start pouring in the base of the bottle garden with drainage material. This will be a sturdy base for the garden. Then, cover the drainage material up with potting soil. Smooth it out with a mini scoop or spoon.


Choose which plants you would like to have in this bottle garden. Plants that work well in a bottle garden are moss, fern and small leaf varieties. Dig out a hole for the plants, plant it, and fill the hole back up. Repeat those steps for all the other plants.

Finishing touches

Pick up any leaves that may have fallen off the plants. If there are empty spaces then you can cover them up with moss or twigs. You can collect some items from your own yard and cover up the empty spaces.


Using a spray bottle is the best option to water these bottle gardens. Pouring water into the garden can overflow and possibly damage the garden you just built. The spray bottle gently waters the plants and keeps everything in tact.

Helpful tips

Place the bottle garden near sunlight. The best option is near a window. Add water if you do not see condensation forming on the bottle. Leave some headroom for the plants, so they do not get squashed.






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