There are plenty of items that you never knew you could recycle. Recycling is not solely about plastic and making your own compost. Billions of recyclable items are usually thrown into the garbage. Check out these 10 items that are typically left at a landfill when they could be recycled.

1. Appliances

Home and kitchen appliances are recyclable! Some places, like GoodWill, will take working appliances.

2. Discs

CDs, DVDs, and gaming discs are also recyclable and put back into some good use.

3. Shoes

Put an end to throwing out old shoes you can donate them to any GoodWill. Also, most athletic stores like Nike and Adidas accept old running shoes. Additionally, there are donation boxes that accept shoes and other clothing items.

4.  Electronics

Tons of electronics like gaming systems, phones and computers end up in landfills. Instead, take them to a waste facility that can properly recycle electronics.

5. Empty Make up Containers

Do not toss those empty make up containers into the garage bin. Beauty store like MAC and Aveda will take those empty containers and recycle them for you!

6. Wine Corks

Wine corks make for a great DIY project for one afternoon or you can donate them to the company ReCORK, which recycles them.

 7. Holiday Lights

Have piles and piles of old, unused holiday lights that are tied up in one huge knot? Well there is a company called HolidayLeds that will gladly take all of those lights off of your hands and recycle them.

8. Crayons

The National Crayon Recycling Program is the one in charge of keeping millions of crayons piling up on landfills each year. They take the old and broken crayons and repurpose them into new crayons for other people to use.

9. Eye glasses

If you are someone that has old glasses around the home, then you can recycle them! Eyeglass companies and stores will take those off of your hands and recycle them.

10. Mattress

There are multiple parts of a mattress can be taken apart and used again. Do not go drop it off at a trash dump!

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