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DIY Bathroom Remodel

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Sometimes bathrooms need a little bit of a makeover and that can be pricey at times. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips that are within a budget and will make your bathroom the star of the show. There are some bathroom projects out there that will elevate the bathroom and are simple for anyone to do at their home! Get ready for some low priced and great quality DIY bathroom remodeling projects.

Vanity Makeover

Is the paint on your vanity fading or just too dull for your taste? Well there is a simple solution in order to wake it up. Use a gel stain! Gel stain is able to change the color of any vanity and bring it back to life. Here is an easy tutorial you can follow at Designing Vibes.

Mirror Frame

Cherished Bliss has a simple and cute frame that is easy to make for your bathroom mirror. A wooden frame brings a nice pop to the bathroom and creates a homey feeling. You can reuse old wood and paint it up to make it look brand new. Everyone will be stopping to take a second look in this mirror. This is a great remodeling trend.

Peel & Stick Tile

Too expensive to pay for someone to come in and tile up your bathroom? Well these peel and stick tiles are a great option for anyone trying to update their bathroom and stay within a budget. You can create a tile background for your bathtub or use it as backsplash on your vanity. Peel and stick tile is an easy and inexpensive remodeling tip.

Storage Ladder

If you are tight on space in your bathroom, then this DIY storage ladder is perfect for you. Jenna Sue has a great tutorial that shows how to make a storage ladder out of old repurposed wood. This storage ladder is able to hold many items and brings a rustic feel to any bathroom.

Basement Organization

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Have not been done in the basement for a while? Well it is time to take a walk down there and declutter that basement. Do not let that little voice in your mind say that this task is too overwhelming or you cannot find the time. Organizing the basement is a task that is not overwhelming and will make your life easier once is it completed. Here are some pro tips when it comes to organizing the basement.

Throw it Out

Some things are meant to be thrown away. If you are someone that has a lot of stuff stored in the basement then you should go through all of those items and throw some of them out. Ask yourself, “Has this been used in the last year?” If the answer to that question is no, then you should probably throw it away.

Bin, Bins, Bins

Storage bins are a great way to organize things easily and quickly. Everything needs its place and bins can become the home to almost everything. When you are putting things away make sure they have a rhyme to the reasoning. Labeling the bins are another secret to organizing and staying organized.

Everything off the Floor

There should be nothing lying around on the floor by the time you are done cleaning out the basement. If everything is supposed to have a spot for it, then there should not be anything on the floor. The floor should be clean and empty. The more things that are on the floor, the more a room can feel cluttered.

Creative Storage

Get creative with how you store things. Not everything has to be thrown into a been. Use free wall space and hang up some things in a cool design. You can create your own cubbies and shelves and can be easy clean up toys.

Eco Friendly Products

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The better option is always the environmentally friendly option. There are plenty of previous posts made by us about how to go green and be a crusader for the planet we live on. There are plenty of products and businesses out there that do what they can to be green for the planet. Well here are some products that have the same belief as us when it comes to having eco friendly products.

Stainless Steal Straws

Plastic straws are extremely bad for the environment and there are hundreds of them that do not find their way to the trash. Paper straws are another option, but they are not reusable and sometimes fall apart while we are using them. Stainless steal straws are great, because they are eco friendly and are reusable! You can order some here.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Many people pack their lunch in paper or plastic sandwich bags, which is not the eco friendly option. All of those bags find their way to the trash and it a never ending cycle, except when you have a reusable sandwich bag. These sandwich bags are the perfect eco friendly option and are never thrown away. Check some out here.

Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are a huge source of pollution and there are plenty of them lingering around in homes and cars. To eliminate this problem the better option is to get a reusable water bottle. Stainless steal is the new water bottle trend. Stainless steal is easier to clean and helps the water stay cooler. Click here to see some.

Solar Phone Charger

Instead of grabbing the portable charger that requires energy from the wall, choose the charger that gets its energy source from the sun. Solar phone charger is perfect for the summer time and long summer days. Leave the charger out in the sun to get powered up and your phone will last all night long. Click here to see what I am talking about.

Garden Trends

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It is garden season again and that means there are new trends for the year. Since the garden season is back here are some trends that you might want to start. There are many different type of garden trends to satisfy any curious person. Some trends may be funky and some trends can be so simple. Here are some of the coolest garden trends that are making head way this 2018 season.

Meditation Garden

Meditation is becoming a bigger and bigger thing every year and there is no more place more peaceful than a garden. It does not take much space to create a meditation area in someone’s garden. A small bench or a stoned or bricked area that calls you to take some time to sit down and relax classifies as a meditation garden.


There is no better feeling than turning something old into something so beautiful someone thinks you bought it at the store. Take an old water feature like a sink and turn it into a beautiful makeshift pot or pond. Some imagination and DIY magic can turn anything into a brand new feature.


These low maintenance plants are perfect for any busy bee or city dweller. Succulents come in many different shapes and sizes and can become a garden decoration for around the home. Try mixing different colors to bring out a different look.

Indoors Plants

As long as you place the plants in contact with some sunlight, then the plant can survive indoors, even in the bathroom. Bringing nature indoors can bring a sense of calm to a room. It is also a nice touch to have in some rooms. Remember to water the plants and watch them blossom as well as they would outside.

Garage Sale Tips

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Tis the season for garage sales! Garage sales are a great way for you to de clutter your home and make some money for the summer time. Garage sales have a certain science to them if you want to make sure you sell the majority of your things placed out on the lawn. Here are some pro garage sale tips in order to have the best success this sale.


Most of the time, people know about a garage sale when they actually drive by one. Location is very important when it comes to get getting a lot of foot traffic to come by. Neighborhoods are great locations that attract a lot of customers, but you do not live in a neighborhood then do some research. Locate some heavy traffic areas for your sale.


Getting the word out about the garage sale ahead of time is key. Advertise about the garage sale. You can design signs and post them up around the neighborhood or heavy traffic areas that will attract people’s attention. Social media is also a great platform to use to get the word out about this garage sale you are having. Spread the word!

Prep Work

Do not just throw everything out on a table and think people are going to voluntarily go through piles and piles of chaos. Prep work is a key component to a successful garage sale. Organize things by categories and label them so people can easily find that they are looking for. The more prep work put into the sale the more organized and easier it is for people to shop.


Put the big sellers in front, so those are the items that pull people in. All of the items that are cheaper and miscellaneous can be placed in the back. Placement is key when it comes to grabbing people’s attention and making sure they come in to buy

Staining Tips

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Before you start staining these are some tips that can help that project. Staining can sometimes be messy and tricky, but these tips will have you staining like a professional. DIY staining can be fun and is a money saver. The main thing when it comes to staining is about being careful. Grab your staining cans and a paint brush and let’s get these staining tips started.

Before Staining

Do not go straight into staining whatever piece you want. Before staining there are some tips to do to ensure the process goes well. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that can get messy. Also, wear gloves in order to protect your hands from getting stained. Try out different stains on pieces of wood to make sure the color is correct.


When applying the stain, make sure that you are using a brush or an old rag. Be sure to have the mixture well mixed in the can before applying. The dyes and pigments could be resting at the bottom on the can. Check to make sure that the wood you are staining is clean, so that there are no spots missed or dirt on the wood.

Pro Stain Tips

If you want the stain color to be darker, add a few more coats on top of it. Mixing stains to get the desired color you want is acceptable. Mix it up and create your own color! Keep the old stain cans in case you have a future staining project. Wipe down the stain in the direct of the wood. This ensures that the stain get into the wood. You can put a water based stain over an oil based stain, but only after twenty four hours of drying for the oil based stain.


Check out this staining video for a tutorial!

Gutter Repair

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The gutters are probably something that does not pop into your mind frequently. Gutters are an important part of any home and should be given a little more attention. When the gutters are not working properly there can be some serious problem with the home. Gutter repair can cost some money, but there are some repair tips that can be done on your own. These three gutter repair tips will have you thinking these are easy DIY projects.

Fixing the Holes

Rust can cause gutters to develop holes. If a storm comes through and causes a sharp object or branch to strike through the gutter. To path up these holes you can use some roofing cement. Make sure that the roofing cement is the same material as the gutter. Clean up the area around the hole and then place the roofing cement down and patch up the hole.

Leaky Gutters

Leaky gutters can lead to a whole world of problems; water damage or foundation issues. Most likely the joints in the gutters have become loose. To fix this problem try to adjust the gutter hangers and tighten them. Apply a silicone rubber caulking compound in order to seal up any leaks that may be inside the gutters.

Prevent Pooling

Some gutters can get water puddles around the foundation of homes. These could lead to some serious home damage done the road. Fixing this gutter issue is probably the simplest. Use a splash block at the downspout in order to direct the flow of the water. Another option is a roll up sleeve. This plastic pouch controls the flow and amount of water that is around the home.

Reuse Plastic Containers

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Most of the things you buy come in some type of plastic container. Plastic can take up to 450 years to decompose, according to Post Consumers. Plastic is everywhere. Instead of just throwing it all away to just collect at a landfill, here are some cool ways to reuse those plastic containers. There are many different ways that plastic can be made into.

Organization Containers

If you are someone that likes organization then look no further. Instead of throwing away all of those giant plastic bottles, you can turn them into organization containers. Those containers that hold your cereal or rice or baking needs can cost a lot but reusing old plastic bottles is free. Here is the cool DIY at Happy Go Lucky.

Parmesan Containers

Parmesan cheese containers are those tall or short plastic containers that are ready to help you shake some cheese on top of your dish. These containers are great to be reused in crafts. Fill the containers with glitter and shake some on to your art work. They are also good to be reused for spices. Make your own spice and sprinkle that on to your next meal.

Wipe Containers

Wipe containers are probably the most common plastic container lying around any home. Do not throw them away! Reuse them! Strip off the wrap to reveal the blank canvas of the container. Decorate the containers anyway you wish. They can be used to organize crafts, writing utensils or just give things a place to go.

Creamer Bottles

Creamer bottles are another great plastic container to use to organize things. You can use these for baking needs. Flour, sugar and candy are ready and easy to pour when needed. Take the label off the bottles in order to see what you have filled them with. Create cute stickers to label each bottle.

5 Cleaning Habits to Have

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Some people have a lot of cleaning habits and some people probably do not even know what a cleaning habit is. Cleaning habits are good to have. There is no need to go crazy when it comes to cleaning habits, but some of them are extremely useful to have. Some can be simple and easily added in anyone’s daily routine. These five cleaning habits will have your home looking spotless.

Wipe Things Down

Pay attention to the things that you constantly touch around your home. Those are the things you should be regularly wiping down. Some objects that are highly used are remotes, light switches and door knobs. Wipe them down at least 2-3 times a week. This is a great habit to have, especially with the flu going around this year.


If you have a lot of things lying around the home, because they just do not have a specific home then make them one. Labeling baskets is a great way to organize. The home for many things should not be on the floor.

Make the Bed

Once you get out of bed, make it. Fit this into the morning routine. A made bed can make a room feel cleaner and make you feel ready to start your day. This is the easiest task you will do all day.

Daily Laundry

Do not try to tackle to overflowing laundry basket once a week. Doing little loads a laundry throughout the week will ensure that your entire Sunday is not solely dedicated to cleaning clothes.

Clean as You Go

Clean up around the house as you are doing your daily routines. Wipe down the counters as you are done in the kitchen. Do not leave things out after you just touched them. Put things back in their place and keep up with the little cleaning around the home.


5 Tips to Declutter Attic

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Does going up to your attic strike some fear into your heart? Can you even see the floor when you pop your head up into the attic? Well, it might be time to declutter the attic is you answered yes to either or both of these questions. The attic does not have to be a clutter disaster. It can be organized and you will be able to find anything with ease. These decluttering tips will have your attic looking brand new and you might have some more storage space available.

  1. Clear It Out

Clear that attic out! It may seem like a big job to tackle, but once you start it does not seem as massive as you think. Labeling things would be a great system to clear out the attic. Decide on what to keep, get rid of and what to donate. Use labels to decide and watch the clutter to dwindle away little by little

2. Time to Clean

Once you have the attic cleared out, time to sweep and clean away the dirt. Time to start the cleaning process and make sure all the dirt and dust is long gone. A good tip is try using a vacuum if there is a lot of dust, because a broom might keep spreading it around.

3. Inspection

Next, have the attic inspected for insulation. It never hurts to have an inspection on the attic and a well insulated attic is key to a well insulated home. This is easier to do in a decluttered attic.

4. Sort Items Out

Once everything is in order, it is time to put the belongings back in the attic. Sort the items out with a system, so you know where everything is whenever you go back up in the attic. Only deal with once section at a time. This prevents confusion and more disorganization.

5. Keeping It Clean

Keep each item where it belongs. Do not go switching things around or just throwing an item to the closest bin. Cleaning the attic monthly will insure that dust does not pile up and your items are well taken care of through the years. Keep that attic decluttered.

Check out these checklist to make sure attic stays decluttered.

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