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Uses for Residential Dumpsters

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No… dumpsters aren’t just for construction projects. Dumpsters can be applied to a multitude of environments, like your home for example. Residential dumpsters can be used for many things around the house.

They’re a great way to collect large amounts of trash with the smallest hassle. Residential dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to fit your home’s needs. Their uses range from disaster cleanup to regular spring cleaning. Everybody’s home needs a declutter session every once and awhile. A residential dumpster is the perfect tool to help you with that.

Here are a few more uses of residential dumpsters:

Home Renovation Projects

The most common use of residential dumpsters by far is home renovation projects. When renovating a home, you compile a substantial amount of garbage. You’ll run into loads of debris such as carpeting, concrete, plaster, flooring, and glass, just to name a few.

Residential dumpsters can handle all of this waste for you. They’ll ensure your renovation project moves along swiftly and as planned.


When moving, chances are, you’ll run into a lot of junk you don’t have a need for. Or just things that have piled up over the years that you’re finally ready to let go of. There’s no doubt that moving results in tons of junk resurfacing.

Finding a place for that junk can often prove difficult, but residential dumpsters are the perfect option. Just simply throw away all the junk you’re finally ready to part with or any furniture that’s not going to make the move. It’s the perfect helper for your move.

Regular Clean Up & Decluttering

If you’re doing a bit of decluttering around the home, you’re bound to run into loads of things that you’re ready to toss. Spring cleaning can bring out a lot of old mementos from storage.

Residential dumpsters are perfect for decluttering. Just toss everything in that you’re ready to part ways with. Your home will thank you for it.

Natural Disaster or Weather Cleanup

If your home has fallen victim to a natural disaster, you’ll most likely have to do some cleanup. This may involve storm debris, such as trees or other elements. Also, the actual damaged parts of your home. This could consist of damaged flooring, shingles, doors, walls, or windows.

No one needs extra stress after a natural disaster. Residential dumpsters can make this process safer and more efficient. A dumpster will help you speed up the process of getting your home back in order after a disaster hits.


Landscaping often produces loads of yard waste like trees, dirt, bushes, leaves, wood, and plenty of other waste. A lot of these items are not regularly accepted in routine weekly trash. Luckily all of these items are accepted in residential dumpsters.

A residential dumpster can be extremely beneficial to your yard work project. Throwing all your waste in a dumpster is easier than waiting for a special yard waste pickup. It’ll save you time so you can put more effort into that yard work.

Foreclosure Cleanup

Foreclosures are an extremely difficult time for a family. Losing your home is a terrible process. And on top of that, you’ll most likely have to get rid of some of your treasured belongings. In order to make this process easier, consider renting a residential dumpster. This way there’s no need to find an additional source to take your belongings.

Bargain Dumpsters Residential Dumpsters

Bargain Dumpsters offers some of the most affordable residential dumpster options that are perfect for all of these uses. Our residential dumpsters come in sizes from 10-40 yards so there’s always an option to fit your needs.

We’ll deliver your dumpster to you and pick it up when you’re finished, taking the headache out of home renovations and decluttering. We offer the most affordable prices on the market with a 100% guarantee of no hidden fees.

Residential dumpsters have a number of hidden uses. Everything from natural disasters to moving can benefit from residential dumpsters. They provide ease and efficiency for plenty of complex projects. If you’re in the market for a residential dumpster of any size, contact the experts at Bargain Dumpsters to get your project started right now.

How to Find an Affordable Dumpster Rental

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Dumpster rental can be a costly expense. Some dumpsters can even cost you close to $400 or higher for just a 20-yard dumpster. That’s an unneeded expense on top of the home renovations, commercial construction project, or whatever project you’re using your dumpster for.

You want to guarantee that you’re getting the best price for your dumpster out there, so you can spend funds on more important things. Achieving this is easier than you may originally think.

There are certain ways to find the most affordable dumpster rental out there. You don’t have to give in to paying huge prices for dumpsters. Just combine a bit of research with some resourceful wit and you’re sure to find the best price for your dumpster.

Here are a few tips on just exactly how to find the most affordable dumpster rental:

Shop Around

Never settle on your first option. Chances are there are cheaper options out there than the first Google search you come upon. Talk to a few companies to get their prices.

Make sure to weigh the expenses. For example, if a company is offering you a 20-yard dumpster for $200 but another company is offering the same size dumpster but with the extra ability to hold more weight for a few extra bucks, that might be your best choice.

Really think about what dumpster has the most value for your project and then commit. Never commit to the first low price you see. There’s sure to be other options out there.

Shop Local

This isn’t just an effort to support local businesses. Often times, local business is cheaper. The big companies who collect your trash weekly tend to charge larger amounts simply because they can. It’s easy to pick on the small guy.

Although these big guys are usually the first company you think of when shopping for a dumpster, don’t fall into the trap. Ask your neighbors to see if there are more local options. Search the web for local services. Most likely you’ll run into a cheaper price and better customer service.

Plan, Plan, Plan  

Going into a dumpster rental search with no plans is bound to cost you some extra money. If you don’t know your dumpster size needed or the duration of time you’ll need the dumpster, chances are a rental company will swindle you into an unnecessary upsell.

Be prepared when you start shopping. Before starting, you’ll need to know:

  • The exact size of the dumpster needed
  • The duration of the rental
  • The ton limit need for your project

Knowing all these will give you an advantage when deciding on the best dumpster choice. You’ll know exactly what you need and will never overpay for your rental.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Dumpster rental companies are notorious for hidden fees. One price is advertised and then the second you pay you’ll run into a plethora of hidden costs that were never outlined in the upfront payment.

When shopping for a dumpster rental, be sure to make sure there are no hidden fees. Break down the payment so you know just exactly what you’re paying for and no more than that. This will be extremely beneficial when trying to save a few extra bucks.

Call Bargain Dumpster

If you’re looking for the easiest way to ensure to most affordable price for a dumpster rental, give Bargain Dumpster a call. Bargain dumpster takes the headache and guesswork out of dumpster rental. We offer everything from residential dumpsters to heavy-duty construction dumpsters.

With Bargain Dumpster you’re guaranteed the most affordable prices because we 100% guarantee no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you get. Our pricing is transparent because we believe that your project doesn’t need another hassle.

Overall, dumpster rental prices don’t have to be as intimidating as they seem. There’s no need to pay exorbitant amounts of money for an ordinary dumpster rental. Just simply shop around, shop local, plan ahead of time, and be aware of hidden fees. Or you could always contact the professionals at Bargain Dumpster.

Contact Bargain Dumpster today if you’re sick of overpaying for dumpster rental. With 100% no hidden fees guaranteed, you’re sure to get the most affordable price on the market.


10 Surprising Things to Recycle

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There are plenty of items that you never knew you could recycle. Recycling is not solely about plastic and making your own compost. Billions of recyclable items are usually thrown into the garbage. Check out these 10 items that are typically left at a landfill when they could be recycled.

1. Appliances

Home and kitchen appliances are recyclable! Some places, like GoodWill, will take working appliances.

2. Discs

CDs, DVDs, and gaming discs are also recyclable and put back into some good use.

3. Shoes

Put an end to throwing out old shoes you can donate them to any GoodWill. Also, most athletic stores like Nike and Adidas accept old running shoes. Additionally, there are donation boxes that accept shoes and other clothing items.

4.  Electronics

Tons of electronics like gaming systems, phones and computers end up in landfills. Instead, take them to a waste facility that can properly recycle electronics.

5. Empty Make up Containers

Do not toss those empty make up containers into the garage bin. Beauty store like MAC and Aveda will take those empty containers and recycle them for you!

6. Wine Corks

Wine corks make for a great DIY project for one afternoon or you can donate them to the company ReCORK, which recycles them.

 7. Holiday Lights

Have piles and piles of old, unused holiday lights that are tied up in one huge knot? Well there is a company called HolidayLeds that will gladly take all of those lights off of your hands and recycle them.

8. Crayons

The National Crayon Recycling Program is the one in charge of keeping millions of crayons piling up on landfills each year. They take the old and broken crayons and repurpose them into new crayons for other people to use.

9. Eye glasses

If you are someone that has old glasses around the home, then you can recycle them! Eyeglass companies and stores will take those off of your hands and recycle them.

10. Mattress

There are multiple parts of a mattress can be taken apart and used again. Do not go drop it off at a trash dump!

Summertime Recycling

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Recycling is a year-round thing, but a change in the weather means different things can be recycled. Summertime means there is a change in the weather, clothing and even the food. With all of these changes comes different type of recycling. Summer means there are more chances for different things to be recycled. These summertime recycling tips are here to make your summer a little greener.

Purge the Closet

Go through your closet and purge through the clothes. A change in weather calls for some new clothes, but you should get rid of some old ones first. There are plenty of places that are willing to accept clothing donations. Any local GoodWill is open for clothes donations. You can also click here and locate a clothes donations box near you.

Water Bottles

Summer means the weather is getting warmer and that means people drink more water. Do not keep drinking out of those plastic bottles. Invest in a reusable water bottle and decrease your contribution to plastic pollution. Reusable water bottles are a great summer accessory and are even better for the environment. This is a great and easy summer recycling tip.

Recycling at BBQ’s

There are plenty of summer barbeques that happen. Do not have everyone throw their trash into trash bins. Have some recycling labeled for guests. Bring recycling to these summer time parties and help the planet while having a good time. Maybe you will start the recycling trend amongst your friends and family.

Traveling Tips

Take a lot of summer trips? Well here are some traveling tips to keep your traveling this summer green. Do not keep repeatedly buying small toiletries. Instead, buy small plastic bottles that can be refilled multiple times. Keep up with your own waste and make sure you are actively recycling while away from home. Summer recycling can be hard while traveling, but it can be done.

Reuse Water in the Home

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Imagine the amount of water that you use in a household once a day. It may not seem like a lot, but this will show you that there is a lot of water usage going on in the home. These tips will be a good way to recycle water and help reduce the amount of water that goes wasted in a day. Here are some tips to help recycle water in the home!

Shower Water

The shower is where most people tend to use a lot of water. Place a bucket in the shower and watch that thing easily fill up. Shower water can be recused for many other things around the home. You can recuse the water to water plants. Also, take a smaller cup of water from the bucket and use that water to brush your teeth.

Runoff Water

Collect the runoff water that comes from the roof. Place a bucket at the downspout and that will collect more water for you to use. Runoff water can be a big use of water recycling and can help you collect a lot of water. Recycling water can come from inside you outside the home.

Old Water Bottles

If you are someone that has half-drunk water bottles all around your home, then keep them and do not dump that hot water down the sink. The water in those bottles can be used to water plants or even clean off some dirt left on the porch. Old water bottles can have an extra use and have recycled water ready at hand.

Pasta Water

Filling up a large pot with water can result in a lot of water waste if that water is later dumped down the sink. Save that pasta water! Dump the water into another bucket when making pasta. Save the water and wait for it to cool down to use it to water plants.

Recycling Technology

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There is so much technology in this digital world. Technology is constantly evolving and the newest products are coming out faster and faster. The old products are either collecting dust in a drawer somewhere or just thrown out into the trash. Now is the time to learn how to properly recycle technology. These recycling tips will reduce the waste of technology that is piling up everywhere and have a benefit in the world.

Where to Recycle

Most places that produce technology or even sell gadgets are the ones that are perfect places to go recycle your old technology. Apple, Best Buy, Nintendo and many other places will happily accept your old gadgets. You can either bring them into the store or mail them in. Depends on where you are going to recycle.


There are several companies that you can donate your old products too. Donating is beneficial to people who can not afford the newest products on the market. These companies reuse old products to other people. You can check out some charities on Mashable.

Get Creative

Repurposing your old technology can be a fun and creative way for someone. You can use an old IPad and hang it on your refrigerator and use it to notify you of important dates and schedules. Get creative and see how you can take your old gadgets and repurpose them to be useful once again.


If you are looking to make a quick buck with your old technology then you should consider selling them. There are several places that will trade your old products for some cash. Check out how the condition of the products need to be in order to get some money back. Here is a list of companies that are easy to use and are glad to exchange money for old gadgets.

How To Dispose of a Christmas Tree

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It is finally 2018 and that means that it is time to take down the Christmas decorations. The biggest thing to take down is that Christmas tree. There are several different ways to dispose of a Christmas tree. Choosing the right way to dispose of your Christmas tree is easy. Here are the top ways to properly dispose of a Christmas tree.

Tree Recycling

Remove those ornaments and lights and then add that tree to the recycling club. Many places have a tree recycling area that can chip up a tree and recycle it. This is a simple and quick way to dispose of a Christmas tree for anyone that is busy with work and life. Tree recycling is really common and many people choose this way to dispose of a tree.

Craft It

Instead of just throwing that Christmas tree out, you can reuse pieces of it and have a piece of Christmas around all year long. You can cut small discs from the tree stump and use them as drink coasters. If the branches are still good, you can cut some of them and create a nice center piece for the table.

Fish Friends

A cool way to dispose of a Christmas tree is to donate it to your local pond or lake for the fishes. Some places will drill a hole in the bottom of the tree and let it sink into the water for the fishes. This creates a nice little feeding or new home area for the fishes to live and create their families.


Here is another fun way to recycle a Christmas tree. If you need firewood for a fireplace then a Christmas tree is perfect for this. Cut that tree up and use it for the fire place. It may be a couple of months before the logs are ready to be used.

Get Organized by Getting Out Clutter

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Get Organized by Getting Out Clutter

As the end of summer quickly approaches and the hot days turn milder, take the opportunity of the longer days and cooler weather by giving your home a good cleanout.

So, you’re moving. When did four boxes of sweaters become seven? Even if you don’t need to downsize and you just want to get from point A to point B, we can agree that getting rid of a few things would help this process tremendously.

Now, it might be easy just to put everything in a trash bag and take it to your dumpster, but by doing that you’re adding to your local landfill, which should be avoided if possible. If you take a little time to plan out what you’re getting rid of, then you would be surprised at how much of your “junk” is valuable in some way after all. Reach out to local non-profit organizations or shelters and see what their needs are right now. If you have anything to meet those needs, make the extra trip over to donate. If you need some incentive, you can write these donations off on your taxes.

Once you’ve figured out what to do with your junk, you need to stay organized so another one of these serious clutter removals doesn’t happen again any time soon. Here are some tips to make your life a little more organized and hopefully stay that way.

One Space At A Time

Though you may want to take a swing at your entire home or store, start small. Make a list of each space in the house, from the basement to the attic, and complete each space one at a time. When one space is finished, move on to the next one. Before you know it, your entire place is finished.

This Takes Time

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating how long decluttering your space will take you. Overestimate each task so that when you’ve finished before your deadline you aren’t stressing to meet an unrealistic goal.

Two Years Is All

If you haven’t used an item in two years, then it no longer needs to be in your building. It’s time to donate or sell these items.

Make It A Cubby

Separate shelf or drawer spaces into smaller compartments to more efficiently use your available space. This will also help with organizing your space instead of allowing a variety of items to accumulate into a large area. Now, you have to use the smaller spaces efficiently to avoid confusion.

Pick A System

Whether you choose shapes, numbers or colors, choose a method that will help you keep your items and paperwork in place. One of these systems could also help to more easily put away scattered items. With this system, everything has a place.

Don’t Waste That Space

Chances are that your home or office has a space you’re overlooking. Or, if you use it, it’s probably not being used to its full potential. Store items under beds or dressers, or store your items on shelves hung from garage or warehouse ceilings. Opt for a hanging shoe rack instead of putting all of your shoes on the closet floor. If you can consolidate, do it.

You Get Four Boxes

Bring four boxes into an area: Trash, Give Away, Keep, Relocate. Every item in that area must be put in a box. Do not overlook a single item, and BE HONEST with yourself about what you really need.

After you’ve made it through your space and gotten to a point you’re pleased with, stay there. Be mindful of what you are holding on to and why. If you have something similar to what you see in a store, put the new item back. This new mindset will take time—and willpower—before it’s perfected. But with constant practice, you will end up with less clutter than you began with for sure.

Next time, don’t wait until your clutter is unbearable to try to change. Make organization a lifestyle and keep the clutter out. There will be cleanups where your “Trash” pile may be bigger than the others, and if that’s the case call us. We can discuss recycling and sizing options with you and figure out how we can help clean out your home.  And if all that clutter does need disposing don’t forget Bargain Dumpster is here to help!  (803) 573-0003

Recycle Pumpkins After Halloween

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Instead of throwing out all of those pumpkins into the trash, you can recycle them. Pumpkins have so many other uses instead of just carving them and setting them out for some decoration. Each piece of a pumpkin can be recycled in some way. The inside of a pumpkin is full of different treasures. Here are some easy ways to recycle your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great and healthy snack for anyone. Roasting pumpkin seeds is the best way to taste all of their flavor. Toss them in a ball with some olive oil and pop them into the oven for about 30 minutes or to however you would like them best.

Pumpkin Soup

There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a chilly afternoon. Pumpkin soup is a great fall favorite that can warm you up instantly. Puree the pumpkin and throw in some fall spices to make is flavorful. This soup will quickly become a favorite during this fall season.

Spa Time

Create your own spa at home with a pumpkin mask. Make some pumpkin puree and mix it with honey or whole milk. Spread this silky mixture on your face and sit back and relax. A little seasonal spa time at home will get rid of anyone’s stress.

Add to the Compost

If your pumpkins have seen much better days then you can add them to the compost. They will break down within a few weeks and carry a bunch of nutrients that your compost will love you for. Carved pumpkins are perfect for composting.

Veggie Stock

The guts inside a pumpkin will make for a great vegetable stock. Any stock recipe that you like will work nicely with some pumpkin. Don’t just throw the guts away when carving, because they can be easily recycled.


Let’s Get Creative: Furniture Upcycling

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Let’s Get Creative: Furniture Upcycling

No, that isn’t a typo. Upcycling – reusing objects that would otherwise be discarded and creating something new. If you feel like your furniture is outdated, consider repurposing it to achieve the new look you’ve been eyeing in the furniture stores or online.

Dresser Drawers to Shelves

If your dresser has seen better days, put a new coat of paint on it and create some bathroom storage for decoration or practical toiletries. You could take some scrap wood to build new dividers if you need the extra storage space as well.

Drawers to a Garden

Take a few drawers, drill some drainage holes and screw them together to create a vertical garden. Add some flavor to your project by mixing drawer styles and colors to create a super-personalized planter. Be sure to paint your drawers with paint that lasts if you’re planning on             keeping this project on your porch or balcony for the neighbors to see.

Headboards to Benches

If you can’t find a use for your headboard in the bedroom any more, repaint it and build a bench for another area of your house.

Dresser to a Outdoor Bar

Pull out the shelves from an old dresser and repaint it for a fresh look. Add a few pieces of wood to hang glasses if you’re feeling extra adventurous. 

Ladder to Shelves

Stand the ladder up to hold books and accessories or mount it horizontally on the wall for a more rustic-looking bookshelf.

Mirror to a Serving Tray

The reflective surface is perfect for a cocktail party tray. Paint the border a new color and screw on some cabinet handles for a creative serving tray. If you’re not entertaining every day, then use it to hold a candle or two on your coffee table for a new statement piece in your sunroom.

Grand Piano to a Bookcase

If you’re looking for a more adventurous project, consider taking apart your aging piano and creating a hanging bookshelf.

Set aside a weekend to try out an upcycling project, and before you know it your house will look totally different at little or no cost to you…or to the environment!

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