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Yard Waste Disposal

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yard waste disposal tips

Yard Waste Disposal

Once you’ve got all of your yard waste together, what do you do with it? Here are some options to get rid of it. Some of these options may not be available to you depending on where you live, but there is guaranteed to be an efficient option in this article to dispose of your fall yard waste.


Agricultural waste, or green waste, includes leaves, grass, hedge clippings, brush, plants and flowers. Fruit and vegetable food scraps can also be included. All of these items are compostable, so you can use them to create compost that reduces disposal costs and gives you something to use in gardens, planting, flowerpots, flowerbeds or anywhere else you need nutrient-rich dirt.

This is the most eco-friendly option, but you have to have the space and time to allow the composting process to occur.

Yard Waste Bags

If you have a lot of leaves, grass, brush or small twigs, then yard waste bags are ideal to use. They come in both disposable and reusable options and can be found at a variety of home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Your waste service provider may even provide leaf bags and a leaf/yard debris collection on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

These bags work well for small cleanups, but larger amounts of debris will require a different means of disposal.

Yard Waste Dumpster Rental

Consider renting a 10 or 20 yard dumpster for your residential or light commercial yard waste disposal projects. You could dispose of trees, garden waste or large amounts of brush and leaves this way. Bargain Dumpster is here to help if you have a large amount to dispose of.

If you want to include trees in your dumpster, you have to make sure the logs will fit inside the dumpster.

Large Cleanup Services

There can be a lot of debris after a major hurricane or storm comes through. Fallen trees must be processed before disposal, which is best left to the professionals, such as a tree removal company. Some junk removal companies have the equipment and expertise to process a tree and use loading equipment to lift heavy logs into trailers or dumpsters.

You can expect to pay $1,000 or more for storm damage cleanup. Insurance could cover some or all of the cost, however, depending on your coverage. Take pictures of the damage and call your insurance company to file a claim.

Yard Waste Pickup

If your waste hauler accepts bulk yard waste pickup, then you can arrange to have them pick it up for you. Yard waste is typically not allowed to be mixed with general waste, so make sure to use designated bags and call your waste hauler to see if yard waste pickup is available.

Your waste hauler may charge extra for yard waste pickup, so this may not be the most cost-efficient option, but could be the easiest disposal solution for you.

A lot of junk removal companies offer yard waste pick up, just call and request an estimate of the job. Once the price is agreed upon, the company will come out, load and haul away the yard waste. This could be the quickest way to get rid of your waste.

The Choice is Yours

Now that you’ve got some options, go outside and gauge the amount of yard waste you have and then decide on the best method for you. Whichever way you choose, you’re on your way to a clean yard for winter.  Give us a call if you need additional help or would like to schedule a dumpster for delivery. (803) 573-0003

Bargain’s Roll Off Dumpster Tips

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Bargain Dumpster is here to share some of our roll off dumpster tips. This is how to get the most out of your roll off dumpster. You can use a roll off dumpster in many projects you are planning. Some projects include moving, cleaning out a home, construction, landscaping and much more. These tips are to help you make sure you get the most out what you are using, which is a quality roll off dumpster.

Plan Ahead

When working with something big like a roll off dumpster planning is a good idea. Make sure you know ahead of time where you would like the dumpster to be placed. It can even be dropped off right in front of your house. Go ahead and look at our site and see the size of dumpster we supply and what we suggest you should use for certain projects.

Clear The Path

Get everything out of the path to and from the dumpster. Having a clear path to load stuff to the dumpster is a huge convenience for you and anyone helping you out. A clear area around the dumpster is a plus as well. Too many cars parked around the dumpster can make it difficult to move around and get things into it.

 Know The Facts

When it comes to renting a dumpster, it comes along with a certain set of rules. Go and check out in our site the rules that come along with each dumpster you wish to rent. You need to make sure there is enough space available to plus the dumpster and there is a height clearance. Make sure there can’t be any tree branches that can ruin the dumpster. Know how much the dumpster is able to load up. Also it is a good idea to know what you can throw into your dumpster.

Our website, Bargain Dumpster, has all of the tools and information you need to know for your next roll off dumpster rental. Give us a call and ask us anything! We are here to help with you and your dumpster rental.

Unpacking Tips

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Unpacking after a move can seem like another hassle that you do not feel like tackling right at the moment. Well, unpacking does not need to feel that way any longer. These unpacking tips will make unpacking seem like a breeze instead of a heavy burden. Post move can be simple and get down quickly with these pro tips.

Organization is Key

Organize, organize, organize. You can never be too organized when it comes to moving. Organization also makes it easier on you when it comes time to unpack. Label your boxes so you know what is inside them and where they belong. Color coating is also a good organization tip that will help with unpacking.

Essential Box

An essential box is something that you can easily access and has all of the essentials you will need to get to during unpacking. It could have your toothbrush, toothpaste and other hygiene products. It can include some of your favorite snacks and maybe something to do when you need a break. An essential box is all what you need.

One Room at a Time

Taking on one room at a time is a good way to stay organized and in order. Tackling too many rooms at one time can become overwhelming and make you become disorganized. Plan ahead and decide which rooms are important to get done with first and then move on to the others.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time can be an advantage when it comes to unpacking. Make sure you know where everything is going to go and that everything has a place. Plan where you want the decorations to go, instead of letting them sit for weeks. Plan on what needs to get done first and what can wait to get done last.

Cleaning Supplies Handy

Keep those cleaning supplies close by because you are going to need them constantly. Messes happen when it come to unpacking. Moving can also give a helping hand to the mess making. Keep a basket of cleaning supplies handy in order to clean up along the way.

Going Green For Fall

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Fall is here, but that does not mean living green is going to get harder or put the brakes on it. It just means a whole bunch of new tips that can prepare you to stay green living during fall. Green living may require some prep work during the fall, but the prep work can feel like fun activities that can be done with the whole family or can help you get some alone time. Going green does not have to end at fall.

Canning the Summer Garden

Prep those summer foods with some canning. The fall and winter weather can be a little harsh on anyone’s garden, so canning is a good alternative in order to keep those foods alive and fresh for you in the months to come. Canning is great for future meals and warm soups you can make during the fall. Canning can make a better difference in going green.

Clean the Furnace Regularly

Cleaning your home’s furnace regularly can have great results for you in the long run. This may not seem like a huge deal when going green, but it can be. The furnace can collect dust and become extremely dirty if it is neglected and sometimes can result in a fire. Get head starts and clean it.

Rake Leaves

Use a rake to clean up those leaves and leave the leaf blower at the store. Leaves can be a great source of mulch for other plants and can be added to a compost. Leaves are a good brown source of food that a compost loves to have. Raking leaves is a better alternative to blowing them with a leaf blower.

Bring Plants Inside

If you have not already done this tip then go do it now. Plants that cannot survive harsh winters needs to be brought inside your home. Bringing those plants inside can help keep them alive through the fall and winter. Keeping them in the house can replenish them and they will be seeing the next summer.

Get Organized by Getting Out Clutter

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Get Organized by Getting Out Clutter

As the end of summer quickly approaches and the hot days turn milder, take the opportunity of the longer days and cooler weather by giving your home a good cleanout.

So, you’re moving. When did four boxes of sweaters become seven? Even if you don’t need to downsize and you just want to get from point A to point B, we can agree that getting rid of a few things would help this process tremendously.

Now, it might be easy just to put everything in a trash bag and take it to your dumpster, but by doing that you’re adding to your local landfill, which should be avoided if possible. If you take a little time to plan out what you’re getting rid of, then you would be surprised at how much of your “junk” is valuable in some way after all. Reach out to local non-profit organizations or shelters and see what their needs are right now. If you have anything to meet those needs, make the extra trip over to donate. If you need some incentive, you can write these donations off on your taxes.

Once you’ve figured out what to do with your junk, you need to stay organized so another one of these serious clutter removals doesn’t happen again any time soon. Here are some tips to make your life a little more organized and hopefully stay that way.

One Space At A Time

Though you may want to take a swing at your entire home or store, start small. Make a list of each space in the house, from the basement to the attic, and complete each space one at a time. When one space is finished, move on to the next one. Before you know it, your entire place is finished.

This Takes Time

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating how long decluttering your space will take you. Overestimate each task so that when you’ve finished before your deadline you aren’t stressing to meet an unrealistic goal.

Two Years Is All

If you haven’t used an item in two years, then it no longer needs to be in your building. It’s time to donate or sell these items.

Make It A Cubby

Separate shelf or drawer spaces into smaller compartments to more efficiently use your available space. This will also help with organizing your space instead of allowing a variety of items to accumulate into a large area. Now, you have to use the smaller spaces efficiently to avoid confusion.

Pick A System

Whether you choose shapes, numbers or colors, choose a method that will help you keep your items and paperwork in place. One of these systems could also help to more easily put away scattered items. With this system, everything has a place.

Don’t Waste That Space

Chances are that your home or office has a space you’re overlooking. Or, if you use it, it’s probably not being used to its full potential. Store items under beds or dressers, or store your items on shelves hung from garage or warehouse ceilings. Opt for a hanging shoe rack instead of putting all of your shoes on the closet floor. If you can consolidate, do it.

You Get Four Boxes

Bring four boxes into an area: Trash, Give Away, Keep, Relocate. Every item in that area must be put in a box. Do not overlook a single item, and BE HONEST with yourself about what you really need.

After you’ve made it through your space and gotten to a point you’re pleased with, stay there. Be mindful of what you are holding on to and why. If you have something similar to what you see in a store, put the new item back. This new mindset will take time—and willpower—before it’s perfected. But with constant practice, you will end up with less clutter than you began with for sure.

Next time, don’t wait until your clutter is unbearable to try to change. Make organization a lifestyle and keep the clutter out. There will be cleanups where your “Trash” pile may be bigger than the others, and if that’s the case call us. We can discuss recycling and sizing options with you and figure out how we can help clean out your home.  And if all that clutter does need disposing don’t forget Bargain Dumpster is here to help!  (803) 573-0003

DIY Crate Planter

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A crate planter is perfect for any garden you are planning to grow. Whether it be for vegetables, flowers or anything else you desire, a planter is perfect for it. Creating your own planter will be the perfect fit for your own space. You can decide on the size, color and where to place it. This is your personal planter made for you, by you. This do it yourself project if perfect for the outdoors and can get the family involved.

What you need:
  • Scrape wood / recycled crate
  • Hammer (scrap wood)
  • Nails (scrap wood)
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Soil
  • Plants of your choice
Building the Crate

If you are building your own crate from square one then you can use some scrape wood. Take your wood and start with the bottom. Leave a little space between the bottoms to help with drainage. Next, attach the sides and hammer them in. If you are using recycled crates then you can just relax and what until the next step.

Design Time

Break out the paint and brushes and let those design skills shine. You can paint flowers, the food you are growing or anything you would like. These are your planters and you can do whatever you like with them. This crate planter should show off you and your style.

Plant the Planters

The last step is all about your plants. Place the soil in the planters first. Make sure that there is some drainage available. Next, place the plants in the soil and make sure to cover their roots. Finally, give them some water and admire your hard work.

These DIY crates are simple and easy. In these short three steps you will have your own garden. This DIY project will help the whole family involved and bringing them outside. There is nothing like creating your own crate planter.

How To Creatively Declutter

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How To Creatively Declutter

Many people seem to like the idea of decluttering their homes, but the actual act of giving up things is harder than it looks. Or maybe it’s just the process of getting started—where do you even begin? Feelings of anxiousness or defeat may overrule any aspirations of a cleaner, simpler lifestyle. These 10 tips have taken a new stance on decluttering: have some fun. Read on and see which activity fits you best:

  1. Give yourself 5 minutes. Come up with a list of simple decluttering acts. This could include clearing a shelf, putting a load of items in your car to donate, set up folders, identifying clothes you don’t wear, cleaning out your medicine cabinet, clearing off a counter…the list of simple decluttering opportunities can go on and on. Number this list and each day, pick a number and give yourself five minutes to commit to that task. Only stop revisiting the number when the task is complete.
  2. Give away an item a day. Don’t try to completely empty a house, or even a room, in just a day. Instead, take your decluttering one literal item at a time. In a year, that amounts to 365 items. That could be a lot of clutter!
  3. Fill a trash bag. You could make this into a game, timing yourself and family members to see how quickly they can fill a trash bag with unneeded items. These items could be actual trash or could be for a donation center, like Goodwill.
  4. Reverse your hangers. Maybe you remember Oprah talking about this challenge. The idea is to turn every coat hanger the opposite direction, only turning them back the right way when you wear the item. After six months, it will be easy to see which items you no longer wear and can get rid of.
  5. Make a list. Create a list of places in your home that need to be decluttered. Start with the easiest room. When you complete a room, do not automatically move on to the next one. Give yourself a break. The next time you have a free moment, move to the next area.
  6. Take the 12-12-12 challenge. Find 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate, and 12 to find a place for in your house (or return to its place). This can be a quick way to organize 36 items in your house, and can also be made into a friendly competition.
  7. Get another point of view. Maybe there’s a place in your house that doesn’t seem too messy to you, but an outsider looking in notices a mess right away. So change your perspective—take some pictures of your house, invite over a child or a toddler or ask a coworker (maybe even your boss) to come over for a meeting. This way you will have a sort of desperation to see what they might be seeing…and clean it up.
  8. Play a numbers game. Wear only 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. Too little? Adjust to your own needs, but challenge yourself to see how you live with less and reflect on what you learn from the unique experiment.
  9. Use your imagination. For those especially difficult objects to remove, ask yourself some questions about it, like, “If I bought this today, how much would I pay for it?” If you can’t see the value in the item you’ve had for a while, get rid of it. If it holds more sentimental value, then consider taking a picture of it and just keeping the picture. This frees up much more space than keeping the larger or bulky items.
  10. 10.Try the Four-Box Method. In every room of your house, place four boxes: trash, give away, keep and relocate. Every single item in the room has to be placed in a box. Some rooms may take an hour, but some may take days or weeks. Don’t let the time discourage you though; give yourself a chance to seriously consider every item.

So whether you try all 10 suggestions or you end up using none, find your own creative way to declutter so you can experience how nice it is to have more empty space.

Recycle Pumpkins After Halloween

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Instead of throwing out all of those pumpkins into the trash, you can recycle them. Pumpkins have so many other uses instead of just carving them and setting them out for some decoration. Each piece of a pumpkin can be recycled in some way. The inside of a pumpkin is full of different treasures. Here are some easy ways to recycle your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great and healthy snack for anyone. Roasting pumpkin seeds is the best way to taste all of their flavor. Toss them in a ball with some olive oil and pop them into the oven for about 30 minutes or to however you would like them best.

Pumpkin Soup

There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a chilly afternoon. Pumpkin soup is a great fall favorite that can warm you up instantly. Puree the pumpkin and throw in some fall spices to make is flavorful. This soup will quickly become a favorite during this fall season.

Spa Time

Create your own spa at home with a pumpkin mask. Make some pumpkin puree and mix it with honey or whole milk. Spread this silky mixture on your face and sit back and relax. A little seasonal spa time at home will get rid of anyone’s stress.

Add to the Compost

If your pumpkins have seen much better days then you can add them to the compost. They will break down within a few weeks and carry a bunch of nutrients that your compost will love you for. Carved pumpkins are perfect for composting.

Veggie Stock

The guts inside a pumpkin will make for a great vegetable stock. Any stock recipe that you like will work nicely with some pumpkin. Don’t just throw the guts away when carving, because they can be easily recycled.


Fall Yard Cleanup

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Fall Yard Cleanup

Don’t wait until spring to get your yard in order. Taking these ten preparatory steps before winter sets in will ensure you can make the most out of your yard next year.

  1. Clear out flower beds. You don’t want pests and critters settling in for the winter underneath the fallen leaves and weeds.
  2. Till your vegetable garden. Once you’ve picked all of your vegetables for the season, pull out the old vegetable plants and till the entire plot of dirt.
  3. Trim the trees. You don’t want any large or haphazard branches causing problems for your house during the winter. Snow or ice on those could result in a broken window, roof or even a power outage if it’s too close to a power line.
  4. Clean the gutters. Check that your gutters are draining and clear out any blockages if necessary.
  5. Drain your water pumps. Drain all water from hoses, fountains and irrigation systems and store them in a dry place. If you leave water in them during the winter you can risk damaging your equipment.
  6. Aerate your yard. Break up the soil in your yard to prevent water from pooling and guarantee that nutrients will reach the roots of your plants during the winter. If you have a large yard, you may need to rent a walk-behind aerator.
  7. Feed your lawn. Though your lawn will not look it for the winter, you should add a fall lawn fertilizer with a high phosphorous content to encourage your lawn’s root growth and have a green lawn by springtime.
  8. Rake your yard. Rake the leaves in your yard and shred them for mulch around the yard. An alternative shredding method would be mowing over the leaves.
  9. Mow the lawn. Give your lawn one more good trim before winter sets in. This will help dry out the soil more quickly in the spring.
  10. Wash your deck. Prevent mold and mildew by power washing your deck. Then add a weatherproof stain to protect the wood from moisture during the winter.

Follow these steps to be on your way to a winterized yard that’s ready for spring.  As always Bargain Dumpster is ready to help anyway we can!  (803) 573-0003

Happy Green Halloween

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Happy (Green) Halloween!

Ideas for a More Sustainable Holiday

Take this Halloween season and make it a goal to not be as wasteful. Here are some tips to still have a spooktacular—but sustainable—green halloween.

Halloween Costumes:

  • Costume Swap – have your children and their friends come together to peruse gently-used costumes for a new (to them) look for this year
  • Mix & Match – take different accessories and items from past Halloween costumes and have that be this year’s costume
  • Thrift Shop – Look for inexpensive hand-me-downs or venture to the back of your closet for items to include in your costume
  • Make Your Own – get creative with different puns—think “Smartie Pants,” “Cereal Killer,” “Black Friday,” etc.

Halloween Parties:

  • Use online instead of paper party invitations
    • You could also create a Facebook group
  • If you’re having a small party, use your normal dinnerware and power through an extra load of dishes that night
  • Use cloth napkins and tablecloths instead of the disposables
  • Make sure to have recycling bins out and visible
  • Borrow decorations from friends and family, or if you buy new ones properly store them to be used next year


  • Walk, bike ride or carpool to your trick or treating spot
  • Bring an extra bag to pick up candy wrappers and other trash from littering the streets
  • If you’re worried about too much candy, introduce your kids to the “Halloween Fairy.” They can trade their treats for a gift – a toy, movie, game or gift card.


  • Find a beeswax candle to light up your pumpkin
  • Roast your pumpkin seeds instead of trashing them after carving your pumpkin
    • You could also save your seeds to grow your own pumpkins next year
  • Look for local pumpkin recycling after the holiday is over

Whether you choose to try one or all of these creative ways to reduce a little waste on Halloween, know that your small effort can lead to a big impact towards a greener holiday. Happy (Green) Halloween!  Give Bargain Dumpster a call if you ever need help with any of your clean out needs! (803) 573-0003

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