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Summer Backyard

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Summertime is here and that means more time spent outside. A backyard is the perfect place to hold outdoor barbeques and to just sit and relax during the day. You can also enjoy a family dinner outside in the evening. A backyard is a place where people can hang out and enjoy the summertime. Here are some summer backyard ideas to make your yard more inviting to hang out during this summer.


A theme is a great way to start working on designing your backyard. The theme could be anything; beach, color, modern, etc. A theme is helpful when coming up with ideas and keeping those ideas organized. Shopping can be overwhelming and a theme helps shrink that overwhelming feeling down.

Outdoor Lounge

The backyard is the perfect place to hang out and relax during the summer. Turn your back yard into an outdoor lounge. Start with a nice canopy to cast shade over a cool relaxing area. You can repurpose old lounge chairs by decorating the pillows or giving them a new pop of color. Go to a thrift store and find an old coffee table that can be cleaned up and possibly add a glass top to give it a sleek feel.

Flower Display

Flowers are a source of beauty and can bring some color into a backyard. A nice flower display in a corner or even spread out around the backyard would be a nice addition to have. Flowers are a quick and easy way to pretty up a summer backyard for any home.


Walkways are a cool and sometimes funky thing to have in the backyard. Repurpose old wooden pallets and create a wooden walkway. Get some stones and create a funky and fun walkway that can add depth to a yard. Walkways are able to connect parts of the yard that are broken.

Plants that Repel Bugs

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Bugs during the summer time can become a little annoying if you are trying to relax on your porch or throwing a BBQ in your back yard. No one really wants the bugs around. Bug repellants can be filled with chemicals that are sometimes harmful. The best bug repellant is always the natural option. Some plants are natural bug repellants and are the perfect addition to any home. Here are some plants that you may want to add to your garden this summer time!


Lavender is a smell that many people correlate with relaxation and spas, but it also repels mosquitoes, fleas and flies. Unlike humans, those bugs do not like the smell of lavender. Lavender is a beautiful plant that brings some purple to your garden and it is the perfect repellant for those annoying bugs. You can also use the oil from lavender to use on your body as a natural repellant.


Basil is a great herb to cook with, but this is another amazing natural bug repellant to have around the home. Basil helps repel mosquitoes and pesky house flies. The oil that comes from basil leaves can also be a natural treatment for mosquito bites. Add it into some of those dishes you cook at home and keep around the home to ward off the bugs.


Rosemary is another great herb to have around when it comes to cooking. It also has a nice smell. The best part is that it repels mosquitoes. It is also great repellant when it comes to other insects that have negative effects on gardens. This is one good smelling, natural bug repellant.


Lemongrass is a great repellant with mosquitoes. Lemongrass has a natural oil, citronella, that repels mosquitoes. This is a perfect summer time plant to have around the home. It is a natural repellant to those mosquitoes.

The Best Green Tips

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Green living is the best living when it comes to helping out the planet. There are so many green tips that are floating out there, so what are the best ones? Here is where we filter through some of the best green living tips. The best part is that most of these are pretty simple and easy for anyone to follow these green living tips! Here are the top green tips.

Recycle Water Bottles

So many water bottles that are thrown away each year. 60 million to be exact according to the Container Recycling Institute. The best green tip is to recycle those water bottles. Stop throwing them out into the trash and just refill them with some more water. This is better for the environment and better for your wallet.


Starting a compost is one of the most common and best green tip that is out there. Composting is recycling your food scraps in a food bin and turning that into rich mulch for gardens and other plants. This is a green tip that can reduce the amount of trash that is produced in a household and the plants love the minerals a compost can produce.

Large Laundry Loads

Laundry can be one of the reasons there is a lot of water waste. Do not clean a few shirts and pants three to four times a week. That is piling up the water waste produced. Instead, try to do laundry at least once a week and make it a large load. This will reduce the amount of water that is used multiple times in one week.


Carpooling is one of the oldest green tips that has been around. Carpooling can reduce the amount of gas that is emitted into the air. Who does not want to reduce air pollution? Also, carpooling with people can make the car ride more enjoyable and not seem so long.

Garden Trends

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It is garden season again and that means there are new trends for the year. Since the garden season is back here are some trends that you might want to start. There are many different type of garden trends to satisfy any curious person. Some trends may be funky and some trends can be so simple. Here are some of the coolest garden trends that are making head way this 2018 season.

Meditation Garden

Meditation is becoming a bigger and bigger thing every year and there is no more place more peaceful than a garden. It does not take much space to create a meditation area in someone’s garden. A small bench or a stoned or bricked area that calls you to take some time to sit down and relax classifies as a meditation garden.


There is no better feeling than turning something old into something so beautiful someone thinks you bought it at the store. Take an old water feature like a sink and turn it into a beautiful makeshift pot or pond. Some imagination and DIY magic can turn anything into a brand new feature.


These low maintenance plants are perfect for any busy bee or city dweller. Succulents come in many different shapes and sizes and can become a garden decoration for around the home. Try mixing different colors to bring out a different look.

Indoors Plants

As long as you place the plants in contact with some sunlight, then the plant can survive indoors, even in the bathroom. Bringing nature indoors can bring a sense of calm to a room. It is also a nice touch to have in some rooms. Remember to water the plants and watch them blossom as well as they would outside.

Garage Sale Tips

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Tis the season for garage sales! Garage sales are a great way for you to de clutter your home and make some money for the summer time. Garage sales have a certain science to them if you want to make sure you sell the majority of your things placed out on the lawn. Here are some pro garage sale tips in order to have the best success this sale.


Most of the time, people know about a garage sale when they actually drive by one. Location is very important when it comes to get getting a lot of foot traffic to come by. Neighborhoods are great locations that attract a lot of customers, but you do not live in a neighborhood then do some research. Locate some heavy traffic areas for your sale.


Getting the word out about the garage sale ahead of time is key. Advertise about the garage sale. You can design signs and post them up around the neighborhood or heavy traffic areas that will attract people’s attention. Social media is also a great platform to use to get the word out about this garage sale you are having. Spread the word!

Prep Work

Do not just throw everything out on a table and think people are going to voluntarily go through piles and piles of chaos. Prep work is a key component to a successful garage sale. Organize things by categories and label them so people can easily find that they are looking for. The more prep work put into the sale the more organized and easier it is for people to shop.


Put the big sellers in front, so those are the items that pull people in. All of the items that are cheaper and miscellaneous can be placed in the back. Placement is key when it comes to grabbing people’s attention and making sure they come in to buy

Reuse Water in the Home

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Imagine the amount of water that you use in a household once a day. It may not seem like a lot, but this will show you that there is a lot of water usage going on in the home. These tips will be a good way to recycle water and help reduce the amount of water that goes wasted in a day. Here are some tips to help recycle water in the home!

Shower Water

The shower is where most people tend to use a lot of water. Place a bucket in the shower and watch that thing easily fill up. Shower water can be recused for many other things around the home. You can recuse the water to water plants. Also, take a smaller cup of water from the bucket and use that water to brush your teeth.

Runoff Water

Collect the runoff water that comes from the roof. Place a bucket at the downspout and that will collect more water for you to use. Runoff water can be a big use of water recycling and can help you collect a lot of water. Recycling water can come from inside you outside the home.

Old Water Bottles

If you are someone that has half-drunk water bottles all around your home, then keep them and do not dump that hot water down the sink. The water in those bottles can be used to water plants or even clean off some dirt left on the porch. Old water bottles can have an extra use and have recycled water ready at hand.

Pasta Water

Filling up a large pot with water can result in a lot of water waste if that water is later dumped down the sink. Save that pasta water! Dump the water into another bucket when making pasta. Save the water and wait for it to cool down to use it to water plants.

Add Privacy to the Backyard

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Looking for a little more privacy in your backyard this summer? Well this privacy tricks will have any backyard feeling a little more secluded. Instead of building a six-foot fence around your whole yard these privacy tips will be able to give you privacy when you want it. Sometimes we need our privacy for some “me time” and the outside is a nice relaxing place to enjoy that perfect time. Here are some ways to add some privacy to your backyard.

Plant Barrier

Plants can be a natural privacy maker. Tall shrubs and trees can be placed accordingly to create a natural privacy area for the backyard. Plants can be a great addition to any backyard and can be a creative outlet for some people. Tall shrubs are a good option if you are looking for something to create privacy and add some natural vibes to the backyard.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are a great option when it comes to some outdoor privacy. Curtains are a great option when you want some privacy.  Curtain provide privacy when you want the privacy. Curtains can provide privacy to a porch. Pull the curtains to the side for some privacy and sit back and relax.

Portable Partition

A portable partition can add some privacy to a back yard or even the porch. A portable partition could be a great décor piece as well. The partition can be used as a separate for extra sitting space or a secret escape area you can run off too. A portable partition is a great addition and is a good option when it comes to adding more privacy in your back yard.

DIY Home Décor Projects

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Home décor can be a bit pricy, but these projects will save you some bucks. DIY home décor can be done in a way that it does not come off as so crafty. Instead it will make people think that you spent a pretty penny on each of these items. These do it yourself projects will be on the inexpensive side and are really fun to do at home or with some friends.

Leafy Candlelight

Sometimes sticking a candle into an empty glass just is not enough. Instead of using paint or glitter to spruce up the glasses, why not try using fake plants. Use fake herbs or tiny flowers to place inside the glasses and give a nice earthy tone to a room. These candles will have everyone asking you how to make them.

Country Feel

Have any old wooden plats or boxes hanging around? Use those to create a nice floral center piece at any dinner table. Sometimes keeping the rustic look of the box can bring a country feel to a dinner table. Staining the box could be another option if you desire to spruce it up a little bit. Add some of your favorite flowers and you will have a new center piece.

Beachy Style

There are many home décor pieces that are rope around a nice vase. Instead of paying the price tag for those items, you can create some yourself. Old wine bottles work nicely. Big vases can be used to hold items as well. Choose how skinny or thick you want the rope to be and hot glue it around your vase.

These DIY home décor projects will have all of your friends and family asking you for tips of how to make them. Best part is that they are simple and easy. Home décor can be made fun with these projects!

High Electricity Costs

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Electricity can take a huge chunk out of anyone’s paycheck. No one really likes receiving high electricity bills either.  It is time to say good bye to those high electricity bills. These tips are going to lower that dollar sign and save you more money, instead of spending more money.

Install Ceiling Fans

The AC and heater can be the number one source when it comes to high costs on your electricity bill. Installing ceiling fans can help with the flow of circulation throughout a home. The best part is this reduces the amount of electricity is needed to cool down an entire house.

Wash Full Loads

Doing the laundry 4 times in one week is not the most energy efficient thing to do. Instead of washing clothes sporadically throughout the week, you should designate a certain day for doing the laundry. Washing full loads can decrease the use of water and the constant use of electricity.

LED Lighting

Switch out your incandescent lightbulbs for LED light bulbs. LED lights use 90 percent less energy than incandescent lights use. It only takes a few seconds to switch out these old lightbulbs for LED bulbs and save yourself some electricity and money.

Dishwasher Efficiency

There is a method to the dishwasher’s madness. Loading a dishwasher efficiently can reduce the number of loads you might have to accomplish that day. The dishwasher is made to clean large amounts of dishes at once. Do not be afraid to pile stuff in but pile it in an efficient way.

Clean Vents

Keep vents open and always clean. Open vents help with the flow of circulation in a home. Replace the home’s air filters, too. Replace the filters at least once a month in order to make sure the vents are clean. They attract dirt and dust and you do not want that spreading throughout the home.

Home Cleaning Remedies

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Natural cleaners do not have to be some super expensive product you have to hunt down at some store that is ten miles away. You can make your own home cleaning remedies and it does not even have to cost you that much. Some of these home cleaning remedies can be made with products that could already be lying around the house. The benefits for natural cleaners is good for the health and can be stronger than unleashing a ton of chemicals into the home.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is able to work wonders when it comes to cleaning. Baking soda can easily clean away any stains or chemicals that are stuck on any surface. Got a serious mess in the kitchen? Add a coat of baking soda and some water and watch as the stain starts to go away. This is a natural miracle worker.

Vinegar + Citrus

Vinegar infused with citrus is a great all-natural cleanser to have around the home. This product is typically used as a window cleaner, good for mopping the floors and disinfecting surfaces around the home. Reach for some chemical filled wipes, go for the vinegar with citrus and disinfect all naturally.


Believe it or not, and you should believe it, toothpaste is an all-natural cleaner. Have any marks on the walls? Toothpaste is home cleaning remedy that can remove those stains. Add some toothpaste to a warm wash cloth and apply directly to the stain. Watch as the marker stains start to disappear.

There are many more home remedies that are out there to explore. Wellness Mama is a great place that has plenty of tips and tricks for home cleaning remedies. Natural cleaners are always the better option for any home. The best part is that most of these ingredients can be found already in the home.

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