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Home Cleaning Remedies

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Natural cleaners do not have to be some super expensive product you have to hunt down at some store that is ten miles away. You can make your own home cleaning remedies and it does not even have to cost you that much. Some of these home cleaning remedies can be made with products that could already be lying around the house. The benefits for natural cleaners is good for the health and can be stronger than unleashing a ton of chemicals into the home.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is able to work wonders when it comes to cleaning. Baking soda can easily clean away any stains or chemicals that are stuck on any surface. Got a serious mess in the kitchen? Add a coat of baking soda and some water and watch as the stain starts to go away. This is a natural miracle worker.

Vinegar + Citrus

Vinegar infused with citrus is a great all-natural cleanser to have around the home. This product is typically used as a window cleaner, good for mopping the floors and disinfecting surfaces around the home. Reach for some chemical filled wipes, go for the vinegar with citrus and disinfect all naturally.


Believe it or not, and you should believe it, toothpaste is an all-natural cleaner. Have any marks on the walls? Toothpaste is home cleaning remedy that can remove those stains. Add some toothpaste to a warm wash cloth and apply directly to the stain. Watch as the marker stains start to disappear.

There are many more home remedies that are out there to explore. Wellness Mama is a great place that has plenty of tips and tricks for home cleaning remedies. Natural cleaners are always the better option for any home. The best part is that most of these ingredients can be found already in the home.

Zero Waste Living

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A zero-waste lifestyle may seem impossible, but it can be accomplished. The concept of a zero-waste lifestyle may be hard to understand. Here is a little beginners guide to living this sustainable lifestyle. Zero waste does not exactly mean that you never ever produce waste ever again. Some of the items you buy do come in containers or other things, but this is to reduce as much waste as possible and to better your lifestyle and choices.

Inventory Check

Starts by going through all of your cabinets, fridge and every nook and cranny. It is time to go through everything and see what can be made into something else, what can be recycled and what should be thrown out for the very last time. An inventory check is a great way to start this zero-waste living.

First, Food

After you have gone through all the food in your kitchen, decide what you can no longer can be digested. Instead of just throwing all of those scraps in the trash you can start a compost. This is a great alternative to trash and is easy to do at home. Here is our blog on how to start your own compost.

At Home Chef

If you are someone that gets all of their meals from popping them into the microwave, then stop. This creates a lot of waste and is not always the healthiest choice. Start small and teach yourself how to cook. Chicken, salmon and shrimp are some easy and simple food that you can cook in many different ways. Anything left over, you can save for tomorrow or add to a compost.

Paper and Plastic

It may seem almost impossible to escape the use of paper and plastic, but there are some ways to get around these two things. Instead of using plastic wrap, you can switch it out for a food wrap. There are many alternatives that can be reused many times and eliminate the use of paper and plastic. Here is some more information of those products and how to use them.


This is only a few tips of on how to start a zero-waste lifestyle. Going Zero Waste has many places and ways to dive into this sustainable lifestyle.

Home Leaks

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Leaks can happen anywhere in a home and they can be quite bothersome. Detecting where a leak is coming from can be difficult, but there are always clues that can lead you to the culprit. There are some steps to follow before trying to just repair the leak all on your own. First, you need to detect where the leak in coming from and then you can go on the leaky adventure.

Locate the Source

First, you will need to detect where exactly the leaking in coming from. Turn off all the water in your home. Next, go and check the water meter and see if the leak indicator is moving. If there is a leak, then it should be moving. Then, you have to determine where exactly the leak is located. The leak indicator will help you know where the leak is coming from inside or outside the home.

Common Leaks

Usually leaks come from faucets, toilets or water valves. These should be the first things you go ahead and check for leaks. A leaky faucet usually means that the washer is worn out. The washer in located under the sink and you might need a handy man to come in and check out the problem. Toilets usually need a simple flapper replacement in the tank. Water valves can be leaking from a toilet or another water source inside the home.

Outside Leaks

Sometimes leaks can come from outside the home. A common way to tell if you have an outdoors leak is to check your yard. If it is wet on a non-rainy day then you may have a problem. It might have something to do with the irrigation system. Turn the irrigation off and see if the leak meter is moving or not. If it is moving, then call a plumber.


Leaks can be a hassle, but here is an easy way to repair some common home leaks on your own.

5 Cleaning Habits to Have

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Some people have a lot of cleaning habits and some people probably do not even know what a cleaning habit is. Cleaning habits are good to have. There is no need to go crazy when it comes to cleaning habits, but some of them are extremely useful to have. Some can be simple and easily added in anyone’s daily routine. These five cleaning habits will have your home looking spotless.

Wipe Things Down

Pay attention to the things that you constantly touch around your home. Those are the things you should be regularly wiping down. Some objects that are highly used are remotes, light switches and door knobs. Wipe them down at least 2-3 times a week. This is a great habit to have, especially with the flu going around this year.


If you have a lot of things lying around the home, because they just do not have a specific home then make them one. Labeling baskets is a great way to organize. The home for many things should not be on the floor.

Make the Bed

Once you get out of bed, make it. Fit this into the morning routine. A made bed can make a room feel cleaner and make you feel ready to start your day. This is the easiest task you will do all day.

Daily Laundry

Do not try to tackle to overflowing laundry basket once a week. Doing little loads a laundry throughout the week will ensure that your entire Sunday is not solely dedicated to cleaning clothes.

Clean as You Go

Clean up around the house as you are doing your daily routines. Wipe down the counters as you are done in the kitchen. Do not leave things out after you just touched them. Put things back in their place and keep up with the little cleaning around the home.


Protect Your Home From Flooding

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Flooding can happen at any time of the day or night, hence the name ‘flash flooding.’ Floods can cause extensive damage to a home and can cause people to lose many things. These tips will help you properly protect your home and be readily prepared for a flood at any time. According to FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floods are the most common and most expensive natural disaster. Stay prepared and protect your home.

Fill Up Cracks

Check out the foundation of your home and make sure there are no cracks in the foundation. If there are, then it is wise to fill them up. Floods can slip through these cracks easily. You can fix the problem yourself with some mortar and hydraulic cement. If the cracks continue to happen, then have someone come out and investigate on what the issue is. Continuous water damage can have some serious affects to a home.

Move Expensive Items

Any items that are expensive or have emotional value, move them upstairs or to higher ground. Items that are on the first floor or in a basement are the one that are going to be first ones hit during the flood. If you do not have a second floor then move the items to the attic to ensure that those items survive the water damage.

Determine Water Flow

Look around and see where you house is located. Is it located at the bottom of a slope or at the very top of the hill? Knowing the location and where your home is placed is a huge clue as to how the flood will hit you. Go outside and pour some water out and see if it rolls to or away from your home. This is an extremely helpful and super easy test anyone can accomplish.




Gardening in the Winter

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Gardening does not come to and end with the cold weather comes knocking at your door. Winter time does not always put a stop to gardening time. Winter gardening is a different in gardening in the other seasons. Plants that grow in the winter time are strong and sturdy plants that can hold up to these cold temperatures. Winter gardening does not have to be a struggle. These winter vegetables can withstand harsh weather and these tips can help you help them survive a little easier this season.

Winter Crops

There are certain types of vegetables that are strong enough to withstand these harsh winter conditions. Longing for some greens this winter then try to grow kale, arugula, cabbage or Brussels sprouts. You can grow your very own garden salad if you so desire. Carrots, beets and parsnips are some strong crops that can survive the winter season.

Protect Your Garden

There are several gardening tricks that can help protect a garden during the winter time. A pro tip for protecting your garden is to not be over protective. If you are using a device that covers the plants and keeps them warm then remember to let them air out and not get overly heated. Too much heat may end up causing more harm than good. One gardening trick is mulch. Mulch helps protect your plants’ roots from the frost or extreme cold.

Winter Protection Devices

Some devices that can protect your garden during the winter are simple. During the night time, you can easily toss some old blanket over the plants and take them off when the sun is out. Some people prefer to use hot beds or you can bring some of the plants inside if it gets too chilly outside. A greenhouse is always a good option to have if you are growing plants in extremely cold conditions.

Interior Decorating Tips

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Decorating the interior of any home can become a new hobby for someone. Interior decorating can also become expensive and take up a whole lot of someone’s time. These decorating tips are here to help anyone who has caught the interior decorating bug. All of your friends will become jealous of your home and you will become one of those people who just has a natural talent for design.

Color Palette

Start with what color or mood you are going for, for any particular room. Color is the first thing that people see when they walk into the room. It also sets the mood for any room. A splash of color is a good way to bring a room back to life. Try using color tiles, painting the walls or using some colored décor to brighten up the place.

Statement Pieces

Ladies, you have all heard of those statement necklaces, which is a necklace that is here and proud to make a statement. Well, if you have furniture or décor that makes a statement the second you look at it then make it the highlight piece in the room. Bring that statement piece front and center.


Textures are becoming a huge hit in the designing world. A room that is full of neutral colors or a cool feeling could use a helping hand from the use of textures. You can use fabrics that are sheer, shiny or matte. Decor that has textures in them like weaved bowls can add a nice touch to any room.

Look Up

The ceiling can be a huge component in interior decorating. Lighting can change and set the mood for any room. Light fixtures can also be a great décor option for a room. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Depending on what mood you want for the room, your lighting can be somber or shinning bright.

Winter Home Tips

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Winter is coming in and it is not slowing down. It is time to prep your home for the winter. Winter prep keep a home  stay warm and safe in case of a huge snow storm coming through town. Winter home tips will help you be prepared in advance. Maintaining a home during the winter should not be a hassle. Some simple tips to follow will have anyone’s home sufficiently prepared for the winter season.

Heating System

The heating system in a home is key to the winter time. Your heating system will most likely have a serious use this winter season. This winter home tip is to keep a close eye on your heating system. Replace your filters and get your system checked out to be safe.

Insulation Check

An insulation check is a must that needs to be done this winter season. A pro winter home tip is to have good insulation. Insulation is extra defense from the winter cold coming into your home. Poor insulation can come from the attic or leaks from doors and windows. Getting extra padding for these problems can result in good insulation and less cold in the home.

Pipe Protection

Pipes are very susceptible to cold temperatures. Pipes that are not prepped for freezing temperatures can easily become frozen. This winter home tip would be to make sure your home is well insulated around exposed pipes. A winter storm can hit at anytime. Protect your pipes ahead of time and beat the harsh winter storm.

Emergency Kit

There is nothing wrong with being overly prepared.  Snow storms can cause concern and some damage. An emergency kit is a great thing to have on hand around any home. The winter season can cause power to go out or other types of damage and an emergency kit will help keep you and your family

Recycling Technology

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There is so much technology in this digital world. Technology is constantly evolving and the newest products are coming out faster and faster. The old products are either collecting dust in a drawer somewhere or just thrown out into the trash. Now is the time to learn how to properly recycle technology. These recycling tips will reduce the waste of technology that is piling up everywhere and have a benefit in the world.

Where to Recycle

Most places that produce technology or even sell gadgets are the ones that are perfect places to go recycle your old technology. Apple, Best Buy, Nintendo and many other places will happily accept your old gadgets. You can either bring them into the store or mail them in. Depends on where you are going to recycle.


There are several companies that you can donate your old products too. Donating is beneficial to people who can not afford the newest products on the market. These companies reuse old products to other people. You can check out some charities on Mashable.

Get Creative

Repurposing your old technology can be a fun and creative way for someone. You can use an old IPad and hang it on your refrigerator and use it to notify you of important dates and schedules. Get creative and see how you can take your old gadgets and repurpose them to be useful once again.


If you are looking to make a quick buck with your old technology then you should consider selling them. There are several places that will trade your old products for some cash. Check out how the condition of the products need to be in order to get some money back. Here is a list of companies that are easy to use and are glad to exchange money for old gadgets.

Back to School Tips

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School is coming up real soon and that means prepping for your classes. It is best to get ready for school before classes start, so you do not begin panicking in week one. These back to school organization tips will help you get a head start before the business of school begins again. Some people may also be juggling school and work and these tips will help you stay on track and not trail behind in classes.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the key to staying on track with classes. Get a planner and write down everything. Highlight important dates like when exams and essays are due. This will keep you organized and not waiting until the very last second to do an assignment. It will also help you remember when exactly things are due. This tip will help a ton when heading back to school.

Print Important Papers

During syllabus week, do not take those pieces of paper for granted. They hold a lot of important information in them about the class and when things are due. Hang the schedule up in your room as a constant reminder of important dates. Keep the syllabus in the front of your binder, so you do not lose it.

Talk to Your Teachers

It is better to get to know your professors than just having them wonder what your name is the whole semester. Get to know your professor and they will be glad to help you with anything you need in that class. Speak up, do not just sit in the back of the class and hope you can pass. Email them ahead of class day and ask about what you will need and what books are required.

Clean Up and Out

A clean room can be less distracting for someone who is trying to be prepared for classes. Clean up your room and organize things beforehand. Clean out any old notes or things that you no longer need and give yourself some more space to work. This can have a great effect of how organize and keep up with things in your busy schedule.

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